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9 September 2019

Having the wedding of your dreams requires careful preparation. We show you how.

“A wedding is a party, not a performance, if at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly!”

Mallorca is the perfect location for the wedding of your dreams, but as much as the thought of walking down the aisle on this beautiful island fills you with joy - there is the small matter of table plans, party favours and of course the Hen Party and Stag Do to arrange; and this may fill you with dread. Fear not, we put you in the know for ultimate wedding planning ease!

Budget First #

Budgeting (the slightly duller area of wedding planning, but possibly one of the most important) is key when planning your special day! In terms of setting a clear budget, be sure that both families sit down and have a conversation regarding who is going to be paying for what, and then work out exactly how much money you will need to save on a monthly basis in orderBy to meet your deadlines for the wedding! On average it is recommended that you set a target of saving 20% of your salary each month from your engagement until your wedding day- of course the length of your engagement and size of your monthly salary will impact how much you save; but everyone has different ideas of how much they wish to spend on the big day!

Vintage retro glass jar savings wedding budget

Guest List #

Knowing who to invite, and worrying about keeping both families happy can be a stressful part of wedding planning! You may think you know exactly who you want at the big day, but then get drawn into the trials and tribulations of inviting people that invited you to their wedding or friends of friends that you feel ‘guilty’ about excluding. Ultimately it is your special day, so nobody else gets a say in who you wish to have at your wedding. However, sitting down with parents and in-laws is a good way to ensure you have all the essential family members covered. In terms of friends, why not create an A and B list- the A list is for the people who you simply can’t imagine not being there and your B list is for those people who you adore, but are a little further from your close-knit circle. This way you can get a realistic idea of numbers and this will also help with your budgeting (see above)!

Original vintage wooden board guest list wedding

Accommodation #

Finding somewhere for everyone to stay is a rather large challenge, especially if you have family and friends travelling from different countries to attend your wedding in Mallorca. Depending on your budget you may be in a position to pay for a large villa or finca, or perhaps a few hotel rooms to house everyone for a few days. Alternatively, you may require your guests to book their own accommodation, so it’s important you scout out the area around your wedding venue to find information on where to stay and costs- perhaps even send a list of possible places with your invites? If you have a rural venue, be sure to let your guests know about car hire or local transport that could benefit them, too

Bride groom guests taking selfie wedding

Venue #

The venue is where the magic happens! Beachfront ceremony or small rustic do in a tumbledown finca- the choice is yours. Take a look at the top 10 wedding venues on the island for a touch of inspiration!

Invites #

First and foremost, you want to ensure that everyone knows where and when to attend your special day. Now, many modern couples choose to simply send a Facebook invite, however that doesn’t have quite the same ‘personal touch’ as sending a good old-fashioned paper one!

Check out the internet for specialized print shops. Most of them offer a good range of designs which can be fully personalized, and some even offer a service where one of their graphic designers will create a design for, so you can have exactly what you dreamed of. The following are just three examples:

[email protected]

Also worth checking is Pinterest. Just type in "Wedding Invitation Mallorca" to find dozens of designs with that special hand-crafted, individually designed, Mediterranean flavoured touch.

Affordable Mallorca Tip: Why not consider making your own? Perhaps you could get the bridesmaids together for a crafts session and send out your own handmade invitations.

Origami Wedding Flower Favour Table Decoration

Favours? #

Wedding favours are a lovely touch and a keepsake for your guests. There is always that tough decision to make, ‘homemade or shop-bought’. Here in Mallorca we have so many unique and special foods and drinks. Why not supply a little gift of hierbas? Or perhaps you would like to contact a local bakery and supply everyone with a slither of almond cake or coca de patata?

Affordable Mallorca Tip: The most unique and traditional gift of them all is to supply each guest with 5 sugared almonds; the original Mallorquin wedding favour to symbolise happiness, health, wealth and wellbeing! Any local market will have an abundance of the best almonds that will allow you to serve a little touch of history at your big day. And you can be sure it won't break the bank!

Table center piece wedding decoration favours

Hair and Make-Up #

Looking your best is what every bride and her bridal party wish for on the day. Mallorquin women have a great sense of style and fashion and they know exactly where to send a bride to be (and her bridal party) for her make-up and hair. So, it's always a good idea to talk to the locals and ask for their recommendations. Here are two of mine:

Bangs Hair and Lashes in the centre of Palma offer island-wide wedding packages. Owned by British hairdresser Ellen Ryan, who works alongside Nancy Pujol (born and raised in Mallorca to British and Spanish parents) you needn’t worry about any language barriers. With both women extensively qualified in their fields of hair and make-up you can guarantee you’ll be looking beautiful all day long!


Laura Gisbert Hair and Make Up

Laura who was born and raised in Cadiz started her professional hair and make-up business here on the island of Mallorca several years ago, offering fully mobile hair and make -up services for weddings island-wide. She prides herself on keeping up with the latest fashions and trends, but admits she has a passion for boho chic styling


Affordable Mallorca Tip: Perhaps there is a talented hairstylist within your family or circle of friends? No need to be a qualified hairdresser, just a whizz with a curling wand and a can of hairspray - definitely the most affordable option!

Bride make up artist getting ready mallorca

Flowers and Buttonholes #

The finishing touches to the suit and dress are just as important as the main outfits themselves. When it comes to accessorizing with buttonholes, and creating a gorgeous bouquet and posies for the bridesmaids, there are many fabulous florists here on Mallorca.

Finding the right florist is down to personal taste, and of course the location of your wedding. However, online supplier Lolaflora offer a range of bridal bouquets if you prefer to online shop!


If you prefer something a little more personal why not consider Joanna Walton Flowers. Working extensively across the UK and Mallorca and having supplied bouquets and displays to the Orient Express you can guarantee Joanna will transform your event into a floral paradise.


Floresteria Mallorca also offers an array of bridal bouquets, as well as floral headbands, centrepieces, corsages and car door accessories- with a delivery service across the island.


Wedding flowers lotus on beach

Hen Dos and Stag Parties #

The ultimate party planned and plotted by your Best Man and Maid of Honour, celebrating the upcoming big day, and your last night out as unmarried couple! There is of course the possibility to book a complete package as offered by a variety of companies, such as and

However, these packages can come at a slightly higher cost than if you were to organise your own. Get creative! The more of your own ideas – and the ideas of your friends - flow into the process, the more fun you'll all have.

Think about what it is that you want, if it’s to drink until the early hours and dance the night away then Magaluf will surely be the spot for you. If it’s to relax in VIP luxury, then why not consider some of the islands top beach clubs or spas. Or maybe the city of Palma has a historical appeal to you, and you wish to stay in the centre and do your own exploration of the best bars and restaurants. Whatever you are looking for, Mallorca is sure to offer it!

Hen do magaluf

Limousine or Bicycle? #

Getting to the venue is something that needs to be considered by not just the bridal party, but all your guests, too! Dependent on the location you choose, your guests may be within walking distance. If not, it is worth considering various options such as car hire or if you’re looking for something a little more ‘Cinderella-esque’ why not consider a horse drawn carriage? Events company ‘OhPalma!’ offer this service as well as a number of vintage cars and limousines, to ensure you arrive in style.


Black wedding car decorated white roses

The Big Day #

As for the Big Day itself? Click here to read all about it. Here at Affordable Mallorca we wish you the very best of luck with planning your big day, and all the happiness in the world. Congratulations!

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9 September, 2019


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