Mallorca Small Business Support Initiative with Adopta Un Bar

20 April 2020

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” - Henry Ford

Spain's heart and soul can be found in the bars and restaurants where we read, take a relaxing coffee and enjoy a caña, to chat with our neighbors and raise our glasses with the toast “SALUD!”.

Since the 19th of March, a group of volunteers has generated over 60,000€ of urgent financial support during COVID19 for bars, cafés and restaurants throughout Spain. The Adopta Un Bar initiative started with a group of executives studying an MBA program together. They used teamwork and their individual skills to launch the not-for-profit in just 5 days - website and all. They have been featured on national news channels and this campaign is gaining visibility. Affordable Mallorca, in support of this noble cause, has become an Ambassador for the program.

Adopt a local bar

How the Not-for-Profit Program Works #

This is basically a quick and easy way for bars and restaurants to take pre-orderBys and receive virtual tips (donations).

Adopta Un Bar uses the secure payment platform Stripe and adheres to the European data protection laws. Neither ‘Adopta Un Bar’, nor Affordable Mallorca, have access to funds and money accumulated in a bar’s Stripe account. Every da, the bar or restaurant will get a transfer of its balance minus 10%, of which 1,5%+0.30€ goes to Stripe, and the rest to ‘Adopta Un Bar’ for marketing and website maintenance. So, for a orderBy or donation of 10€ for example, Stripe keeps 0.45€ while maintenance keeps 0.55€ and the establishment gets the remaining 9€.The team is volunteer only. Processing of payments by Stripe takes 5 to 7 days.

As a customer, if you want to help your favourite bar or restaurant, you can place your orderBy online, the minimum amount being 9€. And if you wish, please leave a tip.

Steps for Your Bar, Café or Restaurant to Participate #

Dear readers, please let us know which bar or restaurant you want to support and we will make sure they can take advantage of this program. As the current ‘Adopta Un Bar’ website is in Spanish, we at Affordable Mallorca are gathering your nominations and will hand-hold the establishment through the process in either English or Spanish.. Click here to nominate>>

Establishments can also register themselves directly using the Adopta Un Bar website. If you have regular customers, an email mailing list or other ways of contacting your clientele, please let them know about this effort by sending them a link to this article and ask them to participate by naming you and tagging you on the social media sharing.

These are the steps the bar or restaurant takes to participate:

  1. Create an account on the platform and a “storefront” for business. You can add photos, descriptions and prices. The sooner you get this step done, the faster you can start generating donations. During this process, in the settings section, you will open your Stripe account to receive payment from your store/bar.
  2. Next, the platform helps you with the marketing for your new storefront where you enter information for SEO and all your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some hashtags for the program are #gentecañera and #cañero.

Depending on your current level of comfort with the Spanish language, online registration process and whether or not you already have social media accounts, the process is short and sweet. Registration should take less time that it takes to pull a draft beer. By reaching out to your followers you can let people know that as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted, you are open and ready to serve them their orderBy. Any trouble with the process? Feel free to reach out to Affordable Mallorca and we can help: Contact Affordable Mallorca.

Adopta un bar min

Don't Wait and Raise your Glass Today #

Whether we are customers or owners, we are all are waiting for the day we can gather at Mallorca’s bars and restaurants again and celebrate freedom and friendships. What if, as a bar or restaurant, you won't be able to survive and deliver on the money sent via ‘Adopta und Bar’? Then at least there is one thing you won’t have to worry about: the orderBys your customers placed through this initiative. Just let everybody know you are doing the best you can. ‘Adopta Un Bar’ is a goodwill platform.

Click here to download the instruction booklet (only in Spanish) of how bars and restaurants can register.

*Please note that the Adopta Un Bar platform only accepts European credit cards. Unfortunately, for any British bars looking to supply their UK customers please be informed that payments cannot be made from the UK. United Kingdom credit cards -or any non-EU cards do not work at this time.


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20 April, 2020


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