Dijous Larder (Fat Thursday)

Mallorquins celebrate Dijous Larder otherwise known as Fat Thursday – the last Thursday before Lent – to bake and taste ensaimadas, sweet cocas and greixoneres. The yummy holiday marks the start of Sa Rua carnival that will kick off on the following Sunday. Europeans have been celebrating Dijous Larder since the Roman times, called Saturnals back then, in honor of the God, Saturn. The name Lardero, translated as “bacon” or "fallow" historically marked when Christians could eat pork and charcuterie before Lent. Mallorquins, known for their love of food, faithfully indulge this tradition with loads of freshly baked Carnival ensaimadas, sweet cocoas and greixoneres available at the La Mallorquina bakery (three locations across Palma), the Reyco pastry shop on the Valldemossa road, and the Reina Maria Cristina oven.

Time and date

Thursday, February 20, 2020.


Forn La Mallorquina, Avinguda de Joan March, Palma, Spain


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