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9 abril 2024

There are many things to praise about living on an island in the Med, the climate, the easy-going way of life, the internationality of people we meet … but there is one thing that might make your heart yearn for more once in a while – to be right at the pulse of cultural life in Metropolis. Ok, there are platforms like Netflix et al, but what difference it makes to watch the latest movies productions on a big screen … So, for us cinema crazy islanders it's real good news to have a few places we can go to and experience just that! In our ULTIMATE GUIDE For Cinema Lovers we will give you all the details about screening on movies in original language and also keep you posted on Mallorca as a film location.

Movie Nights #

We've collected some of our most popular articles here. Palma has a few special theatres where you can see movies in their original versions, in English with subtitles and an open air theatre in the summer months.

Local town halls also sponsor special movie nights so make sure you register with your Ajuntament or follow them on Facebook. The island has much to offer.

You can also have a few friends over and stream your favs. This is a great way to make friends and share popcorn.

Mallorca for Movie Buffs

Many new releases are screened in Palma in English, with Spanish subtitles, and usually they come out here around the same dates as in the UK and the USA.

Click here where to go to see them.
Girls Eating Popcorn Watching Movie In Cinema

Cineciutat Shows Films in Original Version

THE INSTITUTION for cinema lovers on the island. Housed in a set of historic buildings in Palma, set amongst restaurants for an pre- or after-show bite, and offering a broad choice of movies, the Cineciutat makes for a great evening out. And prices are definitely affordable!

Click here to read more.

Save the Cineciutat

Yes, it's in financial trouble and renovation work is urgently due, so let's all pitch in. If you read the article above, you'll see this place is definitely worth contributing to.

Click here to learn more about how you can help.
Cineciutad 2

Cinema a la Fresca

Every year in August, Palma's Town Hall organizes the screening of movies in the incomparable atmosphere of the Parc de Mar – and the good news for us expats is, some of the films are shown in their original language.

For more on this annual event, click here.
Cinema a la fresca palma

Mallorca A Second Hollywood

Mallorca has been attracting big advertising shots for ages, but now more and more producers are turning to the island for film and TV series production.

Click here to read how you might be a part of the latest movie before it hits the screen.
Behind scenes movie shooting mallorca

The Mallorca Files

This BBC1 crime drama could do for Mallorca what Miami Vice did for South Beach …

Click here to see how you can watch filming on island locations.
The Mallorca Files filmed on the island min

The International Film Festival #

What many don't know: Mallorca is the host of a fabulous International Film Festival that takes place every year in Palma and different locations all over the island. For two years in a row, they have been listed as one of MovieMaker’s TOP 50 'Film Festivals Worth The Entry fee', and (among more than 8,000 film festivals around the world) have been regularly included in Freeway's '100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals' list. Find out all about the upcoming 9th edition on their website.

Our ULTIMATE GUIDEs are ongoing projects: It's worth coming back and checking out what's new!


www.evolutionfilmfestival.com (Palma Film Festival)

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9 abril, 2024

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