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25 junio 2019

Get all your monthly dose of art, history and culture… along with a bit of fun!

“Art is too important not to share.” – Romero Britto

The Arts Society is an international arts education charity, with nearly 400 local chapters worldwide and more than 90,000 members. The purpose is to bring art lovers or the “art-interested” together for lectures, tours, and trips to local places of art significance.

The Society has a network of 400 lecturers, who are called upon for their expertise. These lecturers have day jobs at some of the most prestigious places around… The Tate Modern, The Royal Academy, the V&A, The British Museum… you get the picture!

The Arts Society Mallorca is a newcomer, having only been installed since October 2018, and has made a mark already by hosting some spectacular events.

The arts society mallorca

Events #


Seasons run October to June with lectures being held on a monthly basis. This past season had lectures on Picasso and his muses, the infamous Borgias, and world-renowned glass and jewellery maker René Lalique to name a few. Next season is already lined up with evenings learning about art forgeries and fakes, a lecture on Rembrandt, a talk about what really happened on Easter Island and a musical soiree just in time for the holiday season.

In addition to lectures, the Arts Society Mallorca hosts walking tours, the most recent of which took guests and members on a stroll through Palma’s maritime area and was called “Corsairs, Captains and Sailors”. The two hour guided tour was led by Jim Wallace, a local maritime expert, and was a huge hit.

The Society also arranges art-inspired visits to galleries or museums as well as social activities for members.

Membership and Info #

Membership and Info #

To attend events, you needn’t be a member, but you do receive benefits by becoming one: Priority access to all events, guaranteed entry to all lectures, and a one-time annual payment of €90 for individuals and €170 for joint membership are amongst them. Guests are welcome to join the lectures for €20.

The Arts Society is volunteer-run, so opportunities for involvement are plenty for those inclined. For more information, contact them at [email protected] or on +34 685 555 954.

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25 junio, 2019

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