Save the Cineciutat

4 marzo 2020

"A group of cinema lovers have decided to put our money where our mouth is and, as of today, 10 people have donated 5.700€" – Cineciutat on their sonations site

Cineciutad 2

Those of you who love an evening out at the cinema and prefer to watch a film in the original language certainly know the Cineciutat. Now this beloved institution is under financial threat and has launched a fundraising campaign to deal with urgent technical and electrical matters in their Palma theatre and to fend off looming closure.

"Almost 8 years ago you saved a cinema and, together, we turned it into much more than that: active participation, languages, local talent, theatre, education, innovation, social and environmental action… we turned into CineCiutat!", they say on their donations site. If you want to support them in their efforts and keep this valuable part of the cultural life of Mallorca's expat community alive, you can donate here .. (for donations over 300 €) – or wait a little while until they've set up their crowd funding page which, they say, is soon to go live.

We will keep you posted.

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Mallorca Needs You!

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4 marzo, 2020


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