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20 January 2022

Residents of Mallorca benefit from a discount of 75% off travel between the islands and the mainland. Get your passport ready and start exploring!

There are a million and one good reasons to live on Mallorca. The sun, the beach, the laid back lifestyle… all good. But something really good you may not know is that as a legal resident, you are also entitled to a massive discount when traveling within Spain. The discount applies not only when traveling to the mainland, but also to the other Balearics Islands, the Canary Islands and Ceuta.

How It Works #

When booking a ticket for travel, you will be asked if you are a resident of the Balearics. This sometimes isn’t the most obvious thing, so look for it. It's often just a box that need be ticked. Once you’ve “ticked the box”, you will then be offered discounted rates of travel within the country. Amazing, right?

How to Get your NIE and Residency

This is a Must Have to Use the Resident Discount

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Spanish Residency for Non-EU Citizens

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What you Need to Book #

Just remember that it is not automatic, and that you will need to provide certain proof before the discount can be validated. Since 2012, all residents must show a Padron Certificate (Certificado de Empadronamiento). These are easily obtained at your local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento or Ayuntament) and are valid for a six-month period. If you are a new resident (less than a year), you will also be required to obtain an additional travel certificate, also available from the Ajuntament and valid for six months.

You of course will also need the standard ID necessary for all travel: Passport or national identity card for Spanish citizens and EU/Swiss nationals, passport and valid Spanish residency card for non-EU nationals, and passport and valid residency card for the family members of EU nationals.

So get out there! Make some memories! Explore our magnificent host country and save the money you’d normally spend on tickets to buy souvenirs.

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20 January, 2022


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