Port Andratx - Laid Back Luxury in a Trendy Fishing Village

22 May 2022

Port Andratx: A Mecca for Sun, Fun and Tranquility Year-round #

Nestled in the mountains on the southwest of the island, Port Andratx doubles as both a quaint little fishing harbor and a trendy spot of laid-back luxury - a character-defining dichotomy which is echoed not only through its over 60 bars and restaurants but its beautiful landscape, which sees Mallorca's sprawling Serra de Tramuntana meet the rolling blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

The Port earned its fame as the celebrity place to be in the mid 1980's. King Juan Carlos dined in style at the Miramar Restaurant. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer, at the height of her career, could often be spotted at Tim's Bar. In August, you may still have a good chance to see her strolling down to the ice cream parlor, a tradition to celebrate her birthdays on Mallorca bringing her to her 400,000 m2 luxury mansion in nearby Camp de Mar around this time of the year.

Actors Peter Ustinov and Jean Seberg, the writer Frederick Forsyth, Abba singer Frida Lyngstad and the Bond Director, Guy Hamilton, are all counted among the rich and famous living at least part-time on the Port's La Mola peninsula.

In more recent times, the charismatic seaside resort has become home to a multi-national mix of holiday-home owners, mostly from Germany and the UK. Celebrities, media and fashion people mix in with the few remaining locals, enjoying the bohemian lifestyle in one of the most beautiful spots on the Island.

AM Tip: If you plan to come and see Port Andratx, try to make it a Wednesday and combine it with a visit to the Market in Andratx-Village (not to be confused with the Port). The vendors set up on the Plaza and along the roads north of the Plaza. Open every Wednesday, including holidays, from 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Art & Culture #

In an avant-garde building sculpted to resemble a human brain, the German artist Dieter W. Liedtke opened a 600 square metre exposition space for his own art in 1994, showing paintings, sculptures, furniture, sketches and photographs. After being closed for many years and extensive renovations, the Museum Liedtke was reopened in 2015. Make sure to call or email for their opening hours.

AM Tip for art lovers: While you are in the area, why not drive up to the little village of Andratx and see the CCA - the largest centre of contemporary art, not only in Mallorca, but in the whole of Europe. 4,000 m2 of exposition space in a monumental minimalist building featuring many elements of traditional architecture. The Centre of Contemporary Art was founded in 2001 by Jacob and Patricia Asbaek with the objective to offer a unique cultural experience to their visitors and collectors, and to provide free studio space for national and international artists.

To read more about art and culture in the Andratx area click here

Port Andratx Day Photo

Fun & Sports #

The port provides many opportunities for fun and sports.

If you are a light trekker, try the walk to the gorgeous Cala d'Egos. For more on this virgin cove, click here. AM has a video of the spot perfect for special occasions or star gazing. Cala d’Egos, Port Andratx.

Bring your snorkel or paddleboard and swim the rocky coast toward Sant Elm where you'll find varieties of colorful fish, sea grasses and stunning rock formations underneath the sea.

The Balear Divers Diving Center is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced divers alike to explore some of the diverse marine life inhabiting this enchanting stretch of coast. Daily boat tours - especially those to the nearby uninhabited island of Dragonera, are sure to provide a fun experience you won’t forget.
Avda. Gabriel Roca 42, Port Andratx, Located right next to Club de Vela. Click here to see more:

The Club de Vela, the Port’s sailing club, offers sporting activities such as sailing and equipment rentals. Opened in 1968, it recently saw its 50th anniversary. Happy birthday, Club de Vela!

Contact: 971 67 17 21

AM Tip for peace & quiet: With the end of the summer, the wave of tourists and holiday-home owners ebbs off and things calm down. Some say, it's in the cooler season when they love the Port best.

Port Andratx by Derek Mac Dermott

Watch this and take in the scene.

Click here to watch the video
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Shopping #

Home décor, art galleries, fashion boutiques, boutique flower, candle and gift shops, local crafts … What a great place for window shopping Port Andratx is! Affordable, though? Hmm. Most of the goods on offer do come with a hefty price tag. So, this is what we recommend:

AM tip: By all means, do enjoy the luxury feel of a stroll through the Port. But, unless there’s something you must have – for more affordable choices, go to Palma and do your actual shopping there.

From Boat to Table
Every day around 5 p.m. the fisher boats arrive in the Port after a day out at sea, trailed by a thousand gulls, and you can buy the catch of the day at the little fish market, la Llonja del Peix. Beware though, the prices can be quite hefty. There might be a more affordable alternative: Recently, the local fishermen were granted permission to sell their fish and seafood directly off their boats, and sometimes, whith a bit of haggling, you might pull ashore a special catch … And one thing is for sure: It can't get any fresher than that!

Fiestas #

In addition to the numerous activities offered throughout the entire season, those lucky enough to find themselves in Port Andratx during mid-July will soon be immersed in what is arguably the Port's most festive month for Las Fiestas de la Virgen del Carmen, the Patron Saint of the Sea.

These traditional fiestas have withstood the test of time and are held every year around the same date. The fiestas, take place on and around the 16th of July, with much of the Port taking part in this revered celebration. See More>>

Food & Drink #

Take a stroll along the seaside. You’ll find no shortage of bars and restaurants, providing you with the perfect opportunity to stop by the sea to cool off with a cold beverage at Tim’s Bar, or indulge in some of the freshly-caught fish being served up in one of the numerous family-owned restaurants with decades of legacy. Neighboring beach clubs promise an evening of pampered luxury, and those looking for a more quiet way to spend a day by the sea will not be disappointed by the numerous little coves – so-called calitas - which inhabit the coast. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite places, many of which we hope will also become yours.

If you are into vegetarian or vegan dining, a must is The Seed, up the side walkway from Cappuccinos. The food is reasonably priced and even a non-vegetarian diner will find good choices with the pasta and other selections.

Fresh Catch of the Day #

Roughly at about 5 pm each day, the fishing boats can be seen arriving in the Port after a long day out at sea. Often, you could buy the local catch of the day at la Llonja del Peix, the port’s local and pricey fish market. Fear not though, as there is a more affordable option; as of recent, the local fishermen were granted permission to sell their seafood directly off the boats. One thing’s for sure: You can't get any fresher than that!

For the Early (and not so early) Risers #

Capuccino's Puerto de Andratx - You may, like many, want to start off your morning being served in Capuccino's, arguably Mallorca’s most respected brand of premium café. Attentive staff, home-grown passion and delicious cuisine - all defining characteristics of the Port - are present in this charming seafront location.


Contact: 971 67 22 14

Bar Central - A more affordable but equally elegant alternative to Cappuccino's, Bar Central is another great choice to stop off for breakfast, lunch, or their slightly more posh cousin, brunch. Bar Central offers a simple but delicious menu consisting of all the things you might hope to find in a little Spanish seaside bar: various sandwiches, salads, tapas and more. You'll find it literally nextdoor to Cappuccino's.

Contact: 629 546 124

AM Tip for the winter season: In winter, the Port's seaside promenade - Avenida de Mateo Bosch - is on the shady side for the better part of the morning. To stay on the sunny side for your breakfast, walk over to the Club de Vela on the other side of the bay. In their café & restaurant, they serve a decent breakfast and good coffee, too - and other than you might think at affordable prices. You might even want to come back for lunch.

For a Relaxed Afternoon #

There is no better time to experience the hustle & bustle of maritime life than mid-day in the Port. As the smell of freshly grilled fish and family-sized portions of Paella fills the air, the calls of industrious fishermen over the rhythmic crashing of waves mingle with the vibrant hum of happy holidaymakers to really bring this little Port to life.

Beach Club Gran Folies - Situated near Port Andratx, towards Cala Llamp, Beach Club Gran Folies is one of the islands oldest beach clubs and boasts a 5* restaurant, multiple saltwater swimming pools and is split into numerous zones, all of them with services ranging from VIP treatment by the sea, to poolside sunbed service. A snack bar as well as a little chiringuito serves drinks and tapas and neighboring calitas provide a more solitary retreat.


Contact: 971 67 10 94

For a Relaxed Drink & Get Together in the Evening

Tim’s Bar - A great shady spot to grab some seaside drinks, Tim’s Bar, founded in the 1970s has been getting the Port’s friendly locals merry for over 30 years and has been a landmark synonymous with Port nights. Aside from a wide selection of cocktails, their kitchen serves up simple yet delicious dishes all day. No longer the once-affordable place, it's still a place to see and be seen by young and old alike.

Mitj & Mitj - A smaller alternative to Tim´s Bar, but equally vibrant. The legendary parties often spill out onto the street, carrying on into the early hours of the morning. They are worth a try. Open until 4am.

Contact: 971 67 27 20

And if you feel like a full meal

Coppola is the Port's best known Pizzeria, and for a reason. Delicious pizzas are served up at competitive prices all day round. A pizza for 4 people, with salads and dessert can be enjoyed for reasonable budget of ca 50€, not including water or wine. A great deal always. Closed on Tuesdays. Open until 11pm.

Check out their menu on their website http://www.coppolaonline.com/e...

Contact: 971 23 85 81

Osteria da Sandro is a fantastic Italian restaurant you can take the entire family to. Their menu or their prices won't disappoint.

Contact: 971 67 10 38.

Marisquería Galicia, just opposite the Osteria da Sandro, offers a daily lunch menu (menu del día) which is probably the best value for money you find in the Port: traditional Spanish fish cuisine, excellent food, no frills. If you don't like watching the telly while eating, either eat outside on the terrace or … well, just look the other way.

Contact: 971 67 27 05

Last but not least

The Best vegetarian restaurant Seed is amazing value for money and offers a spectacular cuisine that even your die-hard Carnivore will enjoy! Their dishes are simple yet delicious and the atmosphere is warm and cosy, in the side street next to Cappuccino's. Open 7 days a week from 18:00 until midnight and definitely scored high on the affordable meter!

Reservations: 971 94 46 49






22 May, 2022

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