Palma's New Parking App is Ready for Download

3 July 2019

Download MobiAPPark to your smart phone and say adiós to parking fines!

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“A friend told me about this parking app and now I don’t worry about coins or time on the meter. I enjoy my days out.”

Steve Gold, American traveling in Palma

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MobiAPPark is a personal parking meter for download onto your mobile device. The app is free and once installed it allows you to pay for and extend your parking time in Palma's blue zone. You can even use the app to settle parking penalties from a mobile phone (see instructions below). You can easily charge time without coins or local currency. Whether you are sitting at a café or continuing to shop when your ticket expires, easy recharge options keep you from panicking to put coins in the meter.

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Registration #

All you need is a valid email address and a mobile device. You can select your desired language. At present, it's available in Spanish, Catalan and English.

For registration, you type in your name, email address, the car registration number and your password. When typing in your credit card details, note you will be charged 5 cents to confirm the transaction.

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Whether you visit Palma regularly or infrequently, just keep your credit card details current and you’ll have no problem with intermittent use.

You won't have a slip of paper to display behind the windscreen. Traffic wardens will use a special mobile device to check your license plate and see

You can check your parking history and download your invoices. If you are writing off the trip for work, then this is an easy receipt finder. No more tiny pieces of paper to track!

Press: Traffic fine management

Paying Fines with the App (Gestion de Denuncias) #

You can use MobiAPPark to pay off offenses in case you didn’t extend in time.

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For more information click here

Note: The app does not work if your car is on a foreign license plate. It is is available at the App Store and at Google Play Store. It works on both iPhones and Android smartphones.


3 July, 2019


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