Do I Need Car Insurance While I Am Away from the Island?

25 June 2019

You are a part-time on Mallorca only and want to save on car insurance? Better read this article …

With some insurances it's up to you whether you have them or not, with others you have no choice: Private health insurance is voluntary, fire insurance for your property is mandatory - as is car insurance.

Your vehicle must be insured at all times, even if you don't use it and have it parked in your own garage or on your private land.

The minimum so-called "obligatory insurance" (seguro obligatorio) is the legal liability insurance covering third-party damages (responsabilidad civil obligatoria).

Cars and Insurance

Proof of Insurance #

To prove your car is properly insured, always carry your original insurance documents or legal copies. If your insurance company doesn't issue new documentation every year, carry proof of your most recent insurance payment, too.

How to Avoid Paying Car Insurance #

The only way to avoid paying insurance is to officially remove your vehicle from circulation which you can do either temporarily (baja temporal) or permanently (baja definitiva).

Hefty Fines #

If you own a car that is not insured, you can be fined anywhere between 601€ and 3,005€. Plus, your car can be confiscated and permanently banned from circulation. Better not risk it.

And driving an uninsured car? Even if it was just a few metres down the road to take it to the garage? Don't! In this case you could even end up in prison.

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25 June, 2019


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