XXXVI FIRA DEL FANG 2020 (Ceramic Craft Fair)

Editor's Update: Cancelled due to COVID-19

Fira del Fang, a highly prized pottery/ceramics fair held at Marratxi town in the Raiguer region is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Mallorquin artisan culture. In its 36th year (wow!!!), Marratxi Town Council puts on the Fira del Fang with the hopes of promoting awareness and preserving pottery techniques used for the past 300 years. Artisans will compete for the #1 ceramic piece embodying this year's theme: “World Cuisine Through Ceramics”. Regional craftspeople will also host demonstrations for visitors who are encouraged to browse and buy from the local stores and stalls. Experience live, local music, folk dancing and several concerts while you stroll.

Join the nearly 100,000 people visiting the exhibition located on Verónica de Sant Marcal square nearby Sa Cabaneta´s church (next to Mercadona).

Time and date

Saturday, March 7, 2020.


Carrer Casa del Poble, Sa Cabaneta, Spain


Marratxi Town Council

Event website


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