Cinema a la Fresca

2 agosto 2019

Don’t miss out on the 33rd edition of Palma's Open Air Movie Festival Cinema a la fresca 2019organized by theTown Hall in the Parc de la Mar.

From July 27th and till September 8th, a total of 26 films will be shown, ten of which were selected by vote of the public. It's all free! As for languages: 6 of the films will be in Catalan and 6 in their original version with subtitles. All others are in Spanish (Castellano).

Films will be shown on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Cinema a la fresca palma
Affordable Mallorca Tips: Bring your blanket to sit on! There is seating in chairs for some, but actually it's much nicer to sit in the grass. Bring a picnic and enjoy a chill evening. Remember, we are in Spain, so don't expect this to be a hush event in total silence – people will go on talking and laughing all through the evening.

Arrive early if it's a popular movie as it gets packed quickly. As an extra bonus you can enjoy the sunset before the movie starts!

For the complete program, click here >>>

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2 agosto, 2019

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