Quality Time: What can we do with the Kids

27 febrero 2019

It’s Saturday morning and the breakfast table has been cleared. You look at your adorable family and smile contentedly. Then your 8 year old asks, “What are we doing today?”. You offer up a day at the beach, to which your 12 year old pulls a face. What about the water parks? It’s winter, so no. The park? Boring!

Oh dear. Here we go again.

It’s the age old question: How to pass a day together that everyone can enjoy, and doesn’t cost a fortune? These are our out-of-the-box suggestions aimed at making family time fun time as well!

Kids At Table

Rainy Day Places #

Jellyfish Couple

Palma Jump

Trampoline Jump

Escape Rooms

Escape Room

The Great Outdoors #

Sunny Clifside Lighthouse Mallorca

Artà Caves

Cave With Stalagmites And Stalagtites

Cabrera Island


S’Albufera Nature Reserve


Train from Palma to Sóller

Soller Station

If movies are your thing and you want to get out of the house: English-Speaking Movies in Spanish Cinemas (VOSE) and S'Escorxador, a Night at the Movies offer entertainment.

There is something for everyone on the island.

27 febrero, 2019


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