Cala Mondrago

2 junio 2023

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

One thing is for sure: Parc Natural de Mondragó in the municipality of Santanyi is not what you’d call a “secret beach”. It can be quite crowded during the summer season, but it still is our number one choice. Unspoiled by real estate development and with an abundance of wildlife, experience the traditional ways Mallorcan materials and dwellings graced the island.

Three Beaches Ideal for Families #

The 1,900 acres of the natural parc of Cala Mondragó on the island’s southeast shore count three major beaches Calò des Borgit, Ses Fonts de n‘Alis and s’Amarador.The later two are connected by a rocky path running along the shoreline, and if you love your peace and quiet we recommend you head over to Playa s’Amarador, which in 2008, was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe by the internet portal

Cala Mondragó is famous for its turquoise shallow waters, fine soft sands, white undulating dunes and shady spots under old pine and stone oak trees, and it’s ideal for families with all the necessary beach facilities. Rocky coves with crystal clear water make Cala Mondragó a popular spot to enjoy snorkeling. Walk the nature trails or take a tour in a glass bottom boat! Jump off and swim almost anywhere along the way.

Right at the entrance to the beaches, visitors to the Area recreative are being addressed as “co-protectors”, and symbols tell them what is not well seen: pitching a tent, going on the beaches with a motorcycle, playing loud music, letting your dog have the run of the coves or having a barbecue. So, please be mindful and observe the rules.

Cala mondrago min

Getting There #

Cala Mondragó is best reached by car. Coming from Santanyi, drive towards Porto Petro and at the last roundabout take the Mondragó exit. There is a big public carpark, and parking is free.

Or take Bus No. 507 from Cala D’Or. Click here for time table >>

Tortoises and Rare Birds #

In the small wetland area to the left of the chiringuito at the torrent going through the little pine forest, there is a small wetland area where, in the 1980s, a small colony of the endangered endemic Mallorcan tortoises was established. If you come very early in the day or stay until sundown you can watch them bathing in the puddles.

Birdwatching[[LINK TO ARTICLE]] is another hobby to indulge in at Cala Mondragó. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a stonechat or other rare species of birds as the area was declared a Special Protection Area for birds since 1995.

For a visual impression of Cala Mondragó watch this video:

Santanyi - Cala Mondragó

Strand Cala Mondrago by Fincallorca

Click here to watch
Image 6 2 23 at 7 10 AM



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2 junio, 2023


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