Cala Llombards

3 junio 2020

This is a secluded beach surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky areas borderBying pine trees and bushes. It's soft, fine sand is white against a backdrop of crystal clear turquoise sea, making this place ideal for snorkeling.

The tiny cove of just 55 meters long and 150 meters deep tends to be frequented by local holiday villa owners. The famous Finca Rustica is located in Cala Llombards. Rarely is the water turbulent, making Cala Llombards ideal for swimming with children. Because this beach is a bit tucked away and rather small, it is a popular beach for locals as well as tourists.

You can still see some of the small fisherman’s houses along this cove beach, which adds to its charm. You can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas. Facilities include basic showers and toilets. While you will find one beach bar for snacks and drinks, the choices are limited, so we suggest you bring food and drinks with you. There are no water activities for hire at Cala Llombards.

Es Pontàs #

Cala Llombards features an impressive geological landmark: Es Pontàs, a rock which over millions of years was eroded by the sea to form a natural arc resembling bridge in the sea, hence the name which, in English, means the “big bridge”. Some consider it one of the most beautiful rock formations of its kind in the Mediterranean. Climb up onto the rocks and enjoy the spectacular view!

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For Boaties #

If there are southerly or south-easterly winds and you are looking for an alternative to Cala Santanyí, come here! You can anchor on a sandy ground, at depths between six metres in the entrance to three further in. The nearest port facilities are at Port de Cala Figuera in Santanyí which is 2,4 nautical miles away.

Cala Lombards

Getting There #

Cala Llombards can be easily reached by car. There is a large car park next to the beach and parking is free. For those who rely on public transport, there is no bus connection though.

Ideal for Families #

Calm waters make Cala Llombards ideal for swimming with children. Rent lounge chairs and umbrellas and enjoy the convenience of basic facilities like showers and toilets. A beach bar offers snacks and drinks, though choices are limited. We recommend to bring your own food and drinks along. No water activities for hire here. The crystal-clear, turquoise sea is ideal for snorkeling, though.

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3 junio, 2020


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