The Best Way to List Your Property

29 August 2018

You have two options in listing:

  • online/digital or
  • agent/broker.

Each provides a digital presence.

Before you list your property any where make sure to check this detailed list on selling your property

Online Listing #

If you decide to list online, you’ll have technical support with most online listing agencies, especially in autumn and winter because traffic is generally lower. You can sort through a premium listing and placement on the page.

It takes a bit of homework to get the details right, but there is no witchcraft involved. And it's definitely worth the effort: Online listing gives you a wider and more global audience reach, increasing your chance to find the right buyer for your property in a short time. You’ll be rewarded with the sale of your property which means money in your account.

Listing with an agent #

You prefer to list with a local real estate agent? In this case, your property will be listed in their network and on other platforms in which they advertise regularly. You will receive more direct attention from the agent in late winter because the market is usually slower and they need to have new inventory at the beginning of the season.

Your local agent probably has contracts with online listing groups so you will be able to negotiate for visibility. One aspect to keep in mind: the less expensive your property, the less attention you will receive from a local agent because the commissions are based on the total sales price of your property. Offering a little extra money as an incentive might make all the difference...

29 August, 2018


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