Sineu - The Geographical Centre of Mallorca

24 August 2018

Sineu - The Geographical Centre of Mallorca #

Sineu is an easy drive from Palma on the Ma13 motorway in the direction of Inca or the shorter old road (Ma3010). You can also take the bus or train from Palma's Plaza España. What you might not realize at first glance: this little town of 3,600 inhabitants crouched around the church of Santa Maria was once in the very heart of Island politics. This is where history was written!

History #

Palma – the one and only capital of Mallorca? What we might take for granted was not always so. King Jaume II, who reigned from 1276-1311, chose Sineu as his place of residence due to its perfect location in the exact geographical centre of the Island, making it equally easy to reach from all parts. Eventually, he chose a castle dating back to Arab times to convert into a palace. It was here that his son, the unfortunate Jaume III, "The Rash," saw the last days before he died in the Battle of Llucmajor in 1349. The palace was later turned into a monastery, which it still is today.

Local Sights #

Lovers of architecture will find many a gem on a leisurely walk through the old town of Sineu. A special highlight being the parish church of Santa Maria with its massive bell tower (one of the highest in Mallorca!). Also worth seeing are the many fine mansions, the local hospital which was founded in 1240 and is one of the oldest on the Island, the bridge Pontet de Santa Bárbara, the Boundary Crosses (Cruces de Término), the Basilica of Sant Francesc, the Rectory and the Plaza des Fossar, and, of course, the former royal palace, now the monastery Immaculada Concepción.

Fun & Sports #

The spacious grounds of Golf Park Puntiró offer an interesting parcours for golfers of all levels in a very natural and open environment.

Sineu is also a starting point for many cycling routes; and the nationally and internationally renowned pro cyclist Francisco Tortellà was born here in 1937.

The Local Market #

08:00-13:00, Wednesday

It was also King Jaume II who granted Sineu market rights in 1306, turning the town into a major trading centre and starting a tradition that survived the ages and has given today's Sineu its biggest tourist attraction. The traditional economic mainstay of old Mallorquin life being agriculture, this market was and is mainly about livestock, agricultural produce and crafts articles that people come to sell and buy.

Sineu is one of the few livestock markets still in existence on Mallorca, although the numbers of farm animals to be seen is rapidly declining. This said, the market is well worth a visit as it gives a look into the traditional Island life. Fruits and vegetables are sourced from farmers around town – and offered at affordable prices. When we say, "Buy Local," this is where you go.

AM Tip for lovers of local crafts: Remember to check out the locally-made footwear!

Food & Drink #

Sineu has many authentic Mallorquin restaurants, bars and cafes located around the centre of town. Sa Fabrica is recomended for its exceptional meat dishes.

Fiestas & Annual Highlights #

Apart from the famous Wednesday market, each year on the first weekend of May, Sineu is host to the biggest agricultural spring fair on the island. The Fira Sant Marc is a lively event which features a multitude of agricultural expositions, animal shows, as well as a arts and crafts market.

Living and buying in Sineu #

Properties in and around Sineu are far more affordable than those closer to the coastline or in Palma. Friends of AM founder, Memphis Holland, just bought a house there. It was in good working orderBy, electrical wires and plumbing had just been replaced, and new stairs to the deck and a new pump for the pool been put in. The asking price was 245,000 Euros. After a bit of bargaining with sellers, who were of advanced age, they settled on a price tag of 183,000 Euros.

Read about their experience as new residents in our article Sineu – A Vibrant Community

Charm factor #

A beautiful old town breathing history, a lively, welcoming community, a wide range of lovely little shops for crafts, flowers, home décor, etc., the opportunity to shop locally grown fruit and veg and other produce at affordable prices – Sineu has much to offer for the seekers of traditional Mallorquín life.


24 August, 2018


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