PechaKucha Palma

Welcome to our first ever PechaKucha Palma Night on Tuesday June 4th, 2019.

This is AMAZING! So many Creative people in one place, on one night of fun.

Anyone who lives in Palma knows what an incredibly vibrant place it is, so full of life, history, beauty, culture and diversity. Whether you were born Mallorquin or come from somewhere else, we are sure you’ll agree that it’s a very real privilege to live in this pocket-sized world-class city.

We begin with A Sense of Place: Exploring Palma’s Creativity on Tuesday June 4th right in the heart of the city at Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra. We have gathered together a company of fascinating talent from across Palma’s creative community. Some names and faces may be familiar to you while we are certain there are others you’ve never met. Between them, the eleven presenters come from music, design, television, theatre, cinema, art, and craft. Click on Speakers to see the kaleidoscopic experience we’re packing into an evening’s entertainment that is the length of a movie!

If you’re lucky enough to attend, you’ll receive a keepsake poster for A Sense of Place: Exploring Palma’s Creativity. This poster features a beautiful painting by Mallorquin street artist Joan Aguilo whose work can be seen around Palma. So book your tickets now to avoid disappointment


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