Mancor de la Vall

27 February 2019

A 45-minute drive toward the north of the island, on the Ma-13, will take you from Palma through Inca to the minute village of Mancor de la Vall. Home to just over 1,000 inhabitants, this historic hamlet is steeped in history, dating back to the 1200’s! Now home to families, or business people who crave a countryside lifestyle, without compromising on their proximity to the city- Mancor possess a unique and rustic charm.
Mancor De La Val

History #

Records show that this little village was once made up of four farmsteads. During 1248 – Mancor, Biniatzent, Biniarroi and Massanella, were all that formed the municipality of Selva. Signs of the town’s historic past are everywhere you go, one of the most beautiful being The Sant Joan Baptista de Mancor Parish Church (not to be confused with a church of the same name in Deia dating from the 14th Century). Although the construction of the church helped the town gain some status of independence, and established Mancor de la Vall as a ‘settlement’ it was not fully independent from Selva until 1925.

Local Sights #

Like much of the island, Mancor displays some exquisite architecture and many of the village’s attractions incorporate this with beautiful manor houses amidst chapels and churches. The most famous of all is the chapel of Saint Llucia. First documented in 1348, this spectacular building really is a sight to behold! Apart from this fabulous feat of architecture, one can easily get lost in the quaint country streets, and admire the tumbledown fincas and villas that adorn so much of the countryside- Mancor really captures a sense of Mallorca’s past.

Food & Drink #

Maria Salinas
This unique dining experience really is one of Mallorca’s ‘hidden gems’. With no official menu, every day is different, and all the ingredients are as fresh as can be! Maria has a reputation that precedes her here in Mallorca; and she is renowned as one of the island’s best female chefs. For just 35 € per person you can sample a five-course taster menu, consisting of traditional ingredients and combining innovative and interesting flavours - a real taste sensation! The restaurant is actually a conversion of Maria’s house, and as well as adding to the charm, it also means that Maria is always there, ensuring that your meal is cooked by the very best! Open for lunch and dinner, a trip to Maria Salinas is a must on any trip to Mancor de la Vall!
Address: Calle Major 5, 07312 Mancor de la Vall / Telephone: 667 95 82 04

Cas Puput
When it comes to relaxed and informal dining, Cas Puput offers just that! Focusing on homemade and hearty dishes, served alongside local beers and liquors - what’s not to love? Despite not being popular with tourists, the owners will greet you with a warm welcome and treat you as ‘one of the locals’. Delivering the very best of Mallorquin comfort food, you can guarantee you’ll leave Cas Puput with a full belly and a smile on your face!
Address: Carrer de sa Canaleta 29, 07312 Mancor de la Vall / Telephone: 971 88 12 20

Market Mallorca

Shopping &r Markets #

Although Mancor in unable to offer an array of shops, or a plentiful market, the neighbouring towns of Selva and Inca more than make up for this!

Sports & Recreation #

Mancor de la Vall’s location is perfect for hikers! Affordable Mallorca recommends the trek to Llosetta, which will take you to the hermitage of Saint Llucia. Although not the easiest of hikes, the reward is highly worthwhile! Ensure you pack plenty of water, snacks and a good pair of hiking boots; and it's best foot forward!

Fiestas & Annual Highlights #

Mancor de la Vall is famous for its Mushroom Fair staged every year on the last Friday of November. It starts at sundown with a traditional procession, featuring the Mallorquin giants (huge papier maché puppets that depict Mallorquin legends) who dance in the crowd around bonfires and fireworks. On Saturday, stalls of mushrooms, local produce and handicrafts line the village streets.

As with many of the village fairs, this one doesn’t have a schedule of events so show up with the “que será será” feeling and you won’t be disappointed. Delicious, fun and affordable.

AFFORDABLE MALLORCA Tip: Make sure to find the Mallorquin bagpipes as the sound is unique and adds to the flavour of the weekend!

Mancor De La Vall2

Living in Mancor de la Vall #


The petite size of Mancor de la Vall, and limited amenities and conveniences, might appear off-putting to some. However, the proximity to Inca (with it’s great transport links) and still under an hour’s drive from the centre of Palma - mean that it should not be overlooked! Property prices range anywhere from 170,000 € up to 1 million €; and the majority of properties are fincas or villas with their own plots of land or garden areas. Although not particularly close to any beaches, Mancor de la Vall’s countryside and mountain views more than make up for the lack of sea and sand!


Rental properties are harder to come by in Mancor de la Vall; however those that are available range between 900-2500 € (PCM) based on 2-4 bedroom properties, that are ‘finca or villa style’.

Charm factor #

If you could capture the essence of Mallorca in a bottle, the label would certainly read ‘Mancor de la Vall’.

27 February, 2019


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