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24 noviembre 2020

Zero cost and great enjoyment - sounds too good to be true? Believe us, it isn't.

Palma de Mallorca [[LINK TO PALMA NEIGHBOURHOOD GUIDE – INTRODUCTION PAGE]] is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world[[LINK TO Palma Chosen as Best Place to Live ARTICLE]], and like many other cities it has its own landmarks. Of course, we are drawn to the spectacular Cathedral[[LINK TO Cathedral Rooftop Terraces ARTICLE]] and family attractions such as the Aquarium[[LINK TO What to Do With Kids ARTICLE]]- however, what about the hidden gems? What about the ones that don’t charge an entry fee for you to witness their beauty? Affordable Mallorca lets you in on the secrets that will allow you to experience some of the most stunning sites in Palma[[LINK TO PALMA NEIGHBOURHOOD GUIDE – INTRODUCTION PAGE]], without emptying your wallet!

Free Tour Palma and Mallorca Free Tour #

Palma City Council offer a brilliant scheme where they have a ‘deal’ with certain business owners and sites and tourists can opt for either the ‘Free Tour Palma’ (which has a duration of an hour) or the ‘Mallorca Free Tour’ (which takes 2 hours). The tours are available Monday- Saturday from 11am, with the Free Tour Palma starting at the Plaça d’Espanya and The Free Tour Mallorca at the tourism office in the Parc de la Mar. By taking part in one of these tours you are granted access to many monuments and museums across the city centre, allowing you to see the ‘real Mallorca’. For example, would you have come across the Castillo de San Carlos - an old castle defending the Porto Pi area of Palma? I bet not!

Girl palma cathedral

Bellver Castle #

This exquisite castle offers free entry one day per week: Between the hours of 10.00-15.00 every Sunday entry is completely free for everyone (although do note on other days it’s still free for children under the age of 14, so affordable nonetheless!) The Gothic-style construction was built in the 14th century, originally as a residence for the Kings of Mallorca, and was then converted into a military prison from the 18th-20th century. As one of the few remaining circular castles in Europe, it’s a site that you must see when in Palma.

Address: Carrer Camilo Jose Cela, 07014 Palma

Museu Fundación Juan March #

An exhibition of artwork by some of the world’s very best artists, as well as music, poetry and social sciences- the Fundación Juan March is a hotspot for any creatives out there. It’s one attraction that has always been free since opening in 1965, however since 2014 certain exhibitions have been ticketed- this way the very best lecturers, artists and performers can showcase their work and the museum can continue to fund them. However, if you fancy being nosey and seeing some of Picasso’s originals, sitting side by side with contemporary Spanish art, then pop down - you won’t be disappointed!

Address: Carrer de Sant Miquel 11, 07002 Palma

Palau de l'Almundaina #

This royal palace has been standing alongside Palma’s cathedral since the Arab conquest, and in fact many of the Moorish influences can be seen, such as the archways which mirror the idea of ‘lanterns’ when they are illuminated in the evening. Inside, the walls are adorned with tapestries and artworks, and as you head out into the courtyard (most spectacular in the late afternoon sun) you can witness the sun cascading across the flanked tiles- simply breathtaking! You are able to stroll through the S’Hort del Rei gardens, which are tranquil and calming, and you can also catch a glimpse of Joan Miro’s famous ‘Egg’ sculpture- the Palau de l'Almudaina really does capture the beauty of Palma effortlessly.

Entry is free to holders of an EU or Ibero-American passport every Wednesday and Thursday from March-September. March opening hours are 15.00-17.00 and from April this alters to 17.00-20.00.

Address: Carrer del Palau Reial, 07001Palma

Jardines de Marivent #

Recently opened to the public all year round (with some exceptions such as if the Royal Family are in residence or if there is a religious holiday) these gardens are stunningly beautiful. Limited to 300 visitors at any one time, the park is never crowded, meaning you can explore the forty species of plant and flower at your leisure- maybe stop a while on one of the benches or take your children to play on the small, but ample, lawned area. Decorated with twelve sculptures offered to the park by Joan Miro’s family- the place is simply exquisite; be sure to add this to your explorations of Palma!

Address: Avinguda de Joan Miró 229, 07015Palma

Jardines de Marivent

A Simple Stroll #

Maybe it goes without saying, but simply wandering throughout the city and allowing yourself to get lost amongst the narrow streets, stumble across Churches, have a coffee in a small bakery that serves some of the best ensaimadas[[LINK TO ARTICLE]] in Mallorca- this too is the joy of Palma for free. Whatever you choose to do, you will not be disappointed with what this gorgeous city has to offer!

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24 noviembre, 2020


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