Speeding Cameras watching everywhere in Mallorca

17 julio 2019

No Speeding, Please! #

Mallorca's new police chopper sees it all

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“SLOW DOWN! No, I’m not a backseat driver who is terrified of the way you drive. I’m trying to help you not get an expensive speeding ticket or worse!”

Sky Patrols #

Even if you can’t see a policeman, the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic) incorporates drones to help monitor speed limits from the sky. New radars and drones allow the DGT to achieve a broader control over Spanish roads, with the aim of reducing accident rates.

With the relatively recent addition to the Trafico's surveillance toolbox – a helicopter called "Pegasus" – you run an even greater risk of being caught for speeding and/or other traffic offences like using a hand-held mobile device while driving or the failure to fasten your seatbelt.

Hovering 300 metres above ground and working with two cameras (one with a panoramic lens to follow the movement of any given vehicle and checking its speed, the other with a tele lens to record the license plate) the new police chopper sees it all – and automatically issues fines in case it finds a transgression.

Better Play it Safe #

In the past five years, Spanish RTVE news reports, secondary roads accounted for up to 80% of fatal road accidents. “The death toll on such roads in 2018 was 877. In 40% of fatal accidents one or more vehicles had swung out of its lane, and 27% involved head-on collisions.” The Spanish government has a goal to reduce the number of deaths to below the 39-per-million figure that Spain registered in 2017.

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The Speed Limits on Mallorca's Roads #

As of 29 January 2019, the speed limit on the motorway is 120km/h (75mph). On regular roads, the speed limit is 90km/h; urban roads have a limit of 50km/h; and, any other thoroughfare will have a speed limited posted. Drivers may be fined when they exceed more than 7 km/h over the speed limit.

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The Fines #

First speeding offense, if limit is exceeded by less than 7 km/h, is already €100, with fines rapidly reaching astronomic heights: 50 km/h past the speed limit and you are in the books for €600. Plus, it will cost you valuable points off your 12-point overall credit in your driving records.

UK Drivers: Will you get points on your UK license if you get a ticket on Mallorca? No, currently, no system is in place to automatically attach points to your driving records. But EU member states are allowed to share access to their records within the bloc of fellow members. After Brexit, UK drivers will, most likely, be treated like non-EU citizens with higher rates for renting a car or obtaining insurance.

Affordable Mallorca Tip for Spanish-licensed Drivers: The way to check points on a Spanish license is to go to the DGT website. The website link is found at the end of this article in Sources.

Enter your NIE number (no spaces) and the date your driving license was issued.

Enter your email address twice.

Return to the first screen, input your NIE, driving license date and password.

On this screen you can click on check points (Consultar saldo de puntos).

For Rental Car Drivers: If you have rented a car from an agency, the plate is tracked to the rental contract. You will be sent a notice for a fine. According to HeathPlan

Where to Be Extra careful

So, just because you can’t see a policeman does not mean you will not get a speeding ticket. Places to watch for speed cameras include:

  • On the southwest coast, Santa Ponsa to Magaluf and the road to Andratx through the tunnel near Camp de Mar.
  • In the east, the road from Alcudia to Palma – especially the curve before Santa Maria.

These areas are known for high accident rates. Mind you, these new actions have not been taken to raise money for government coffers, this is about compliance with European standards for accident rates that will save lives. One major benefit for you is that insurance rates will be reduced when total accident rates drop.

So, buckle up – that is also the law, drive the speed limit and be a considerate driver. You’ll save money and time in the long run.

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17 julio, 2019

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