The Truth about Magaluf

3 junio 2020

Before the corona lockdown, Magaluf were by many considered one of the Islands hottest holiday destinations seeing increasing numbers of holidaymakers every year. However, despite the resort's evident and growing popularity as a tourist destination, it was never far from controversy. Exaggerated and sensationalistic headlines seen in international media did their share to purport a misguided and disingenuous view of the area. While it’s certainly true that the resort is almost entirely centred on catering to the so-called “alcohol tourism”, it may not be quite as deserving of the negative attention it gets.

Magaluf Bay min

A Party Destination for Young People #

One thing needs to be clear; Magaluf is a place young people go to drink. Whether or not this is done safely, of course, remains purely an individual choice. It is important to consider that for every person getting themselves in trouble, thousands of others are able to enjoy themselves responsibly.

A Clampdown on Drinking #

Despite the fact that Mallorca urgently needs tourists to arrive on the island to economically survive the COVID-19 crisis, the Balearic government is strictly adhering to the goal it set itself in recent years: To attract the “right kind of visitors”. To eliminate the worst excesses of drunken tourism seen in recent years, they recently confirmed their ban on self-service alcohol dispensers as they were seen in all-inclusive hotels, limiting the number of free drinks to six a day.

Taking Care in Times of COVID-19 #

Social gatherings of many people in enclosed places are known to be ideal for the virus to spread. No matter how much you crave to release the stress of the past months and forget all your worries in a few nights of uninhibited partying, please, for the time being, don’t! Keep your distance, wear a mask and keep your hands clean. Don’t laugh. I’m dead serious. Keep in mind that in open air locations, the virus as a lesser chance to spread, so stay outside. Mallorcan nights are lovely and warm, so why waste time in stuffy indoors places?

Safe Boozing #

To make Magaluf a safer place, in recent years a group of residents, tourists and season workers alike have rallied together under the aptly-named “Cleaning Up Magaluf” group on Facebook. Members use this platform to organise group walks home or to hotels, so no one would have to do so alone. People give up their nights to patrol the streets in group, as well as their increasingly precious mornings to hold town hall meetings on the subject of public safety.

“Hello followers. Well its not long till the season starts again and we are ready for it”, the group admins promised in February 2020 before corona hit, so there is hope they will continue this valuable work once travelling restrictions will be over and tourists are back on the island.


A holidaymaker's post in the “Cleaning Up Magaluf” Facebook group, praising current members for their ongoing efforts to keep Magaluf safe.

Street Angels Magaluff

The Street Angels are another group that have been active since 2012.

A little extra help

Despite well-intentioned people, sometimes things can go wrong. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, do not hesitate to contact the local authorities.

Emergency Number: 112

Ambulance: 061

Guardia Civil (Magaluf): 971 69 37 83

Policia Local (Calvia): 971 00 33 00

Time well spent

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Magaluf without having to indulge in the so-called “Booze Cruise” culture. To help you make the most of it, here’s a little list of places that could be worth checking out. From Pirate Adventure Show to Water Park to opulent Beach Clubs and live concerts– Magaluf caters to all tastes and age groups and allows you to do pretty much whatever you please - whether for better or worse.

Magaluf beach min

All considered, we might agree it’s not quite time to hammer the last nail in the coffin just yet.

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3 junio, 2020


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