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11 enero 2024

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

If you happen to come across a stray or animal in need, then there are many places on the island that provide care and support to our furry friends. These centres run solely on private donations and funding, and sadly many are overcrowded and unable to take in extra animals. Bearing this in mind, many centres will ask if you are able to perform any basic First Aid on injured animals that you find and also whether or not you can temporarily look after the animal at your house until you can get it to a vet, or suitable provisions can be made at the shelter for the animal in question.

However, primarily these organisations aim to offer safety and salvation and will endeavour to help any animal in need, wherever possible.

Here is a list of rescue centres on Mallorca, which animals they take and where to find them. If you know of other places, please, get in touch and give us the details. We are more than happy to include your suggestions.

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Palma #

Son Reus
Taking in dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, this fabulous centre is one of the island’s most well-known rescue centres. Call in advance to arrange your visit to Son Reus.
Address: Cami de Son Reus, 07120 Palma / +34 971 43 88 64 / open Monday- Friday 09.00-13.30; Saturday 09.00-12.00

Tramuntana Region #

SOS Calvia
Taking cats and dogs only, this is a busy centre in Calvia focused on rehabilitating and rehoming our furry friends. Established for over 16 years it’s one of the oldest centres on the island.
Address: Apartado de correos 6, 07184 Calvia / +34 971 60 64 66 / Call for opening hours

Eden Sanctuary
Single handedly owned and run by Nicole Eden, she envisioned a vegan and animal friendly hideaway, where those in need can find sanctuary and love. Focusing in on the rescue of animals destined for slaughter, as well as domestic animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.
Contact: +34 629 53 54 66 / Whatsapp for address and opening hours

Amics Puigpunyent
A wonderful centre in Puigpunyent, solely for cat and dog rescue. Fundraising throughout the year in orderBy to open its doors to as many abandoned animals as possible.
Address: Cami de sa Vela, 07194 Puigpunyent / +34 622 57 38 69 / Open all hours

Migjorn Region #

Asociación Animalista de Llucmajor (non-profit) @asociacionanimalistadellucmajor Address: Ma-19, km. 30, 07620 Llucmajor Tel. +34 673 37 63 82

Cat adoption min

Raiguer Region #

Dogs 4 U
Mainly rehoming German Shepherds and large breeds, Cornelia works with dogs and dogs only. A wonderful retreat in Inca, offering big dogs a second chance.
Address: Finca C’as Cavalls, 07300 Inca / +34 637 24 22 28 / Call for opening hours

Cats Protection Pollença
Run by an army of angels across the Pollença area, with no council funding, they look after street cats, abandoned cats and cat colonies (protected groups of feral cats that are fed and neutered by the charity). They do not have their own centre but an array of foster homes, so please contact them via email or Facebook if you have found a cat in need. So far this year they’ve rehomed over 50 cats overseas and in Mallorca - my cat Ella being one of them!
Contact: [email protected]

Pro Animales Alcudia
Taking in an array of animals across the island (from piglets to pugs - it's true!) and with their own charity shop, where all proceeds go to help fund the veterinary bills for the animals, this fabulous charity has been established in Alcudia for many years.
Contact: +34 680 96 06 19 / Address given following phone call

Pla de Mallorca Region #

Rancho Fino
Run by Stacey van Tichelt, and originally only a rescue centre for horses, Stacey now takes in every kind of animal you can think of. This is the perfect place for those larger farmyard animals who are left to suffer in silence - coming here they are offered the opportunity to live their life to the full in beautiful Costitx!
Contact: +34 603 10 69 68 / Call for full address

You Want to Adopt? #

Although all the centres listed above take in abandoned animals, the great news is you can also adopt animals from each and every one of them. Whether you have a large finca that’s missing a horse, donkey or goat, or a lap that requires a cat, perhaps someone who needs a doggy companion - no matter which centre seems right for you, you can guarantee you’ll find your furrever friend! The majority of these charities and organisations have all animals neutered, vaccinated and (occasionally) chipped but do be sure to check all of these things before taking your little one home. If they haven’t received this treatment you must book in with your local vet and have this done. It is against the law to not chip your animal in Mallorca.

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From Mallorca to Anywhere! #

Sometimes an animal will steal our hearts, and we realize we have to take them with us, no matter where we are going. And sometimes the love we feel for our pet overthrows every rational sense, and it’s easy to forget about the potential complexity of transporting an animal from one country to another!

Charities such as Spanish Stray Dogs UK [[INSERT LINK TO WEBSITE]] rescue animals from the streets of Spain and the Balearic Islands and organize their safe delivery to other European countries, primarily the UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Finland (although other EU countries can adopt too). Through the charity[[LINK TO ULTIMATE GUIDE Volunteering]] you can pay the Spanish adoption fee (155€ males and 165€ females) plus a set fee of 390£ to transport your chosen dog back to the UK (other European countries have varying costs that must be discussed with the charity[[LINK TO ULTIMATE GUIDE Volunteering]]). The adoption fee includes all neutering costs, chip, passport and relevant vaccinations to get them back to your home country, with door to door courier service, ensuring your 4-pawed pal has a stress-free journey!

Of course this is just one example of a charity[[LINK TO ULTIMATE GUIDE Volunteering]] who does fabulous work, the RSPCAalso run international rehoming programs from Mallorca and mainland Spain to the UK, and many of the owners and workers at all the shelters mentioned are more than happy to help arrange transportation for your pet[[LINK TO ULTIMATE GUIDE Pets]], although they don’t offer an all in one service like Spanish Stray Dogs UK. For example, both DOGS4Uand Cats Protection Pollença[[LINK TO TOWN/VILLAGE PROFILE]] are well known for many of their animals being sent across Europe (mainly the UK and Germany) and both recommend different transportation services via plane or car. A personal recommendation from me is the fabulous Mr. Ian Pickles who drives animals of all shapes and sizes back to the UK. To find out full details click here [[LINK TO that paragraph of BRING YOUR PET TO SPAIN ARTICLE]]. Ian works incredibly closely with Cats Protection Pollença[[LINK TO TOWN/VILLAGE PROFILE]], and provides a fabulous efficient and organised service- but most importantly is a huge animal lover so cares for your pet the whole way, and understands what they may have been through before they make their journey to their forever home. Ian can be reached via his email [email protected].

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11 enero, 2024

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