Colonia de Sant Jordi

30 julio 2019

Originally a fishing village, but now a thriving holiday hot spot, Colonia de Sant Jordi is nestled between some of the island’s most beautiful scenery. Attracting a crowd of sport lovers, nature lovers and foodies(the seafood here is some of the best on the island!) summer in Colonia de Sant Jordi is lively to say the least! Soft white sandy bays and coves appeal to families from all over the globe, and the combination of high rise architecture and traditional sandstone buildings (very typical of the East coast of Mallorca) certainly makes it interesting on the eye; and brings to life the history of Mallorca before tourism...

Getting there

There is currently no direct form of public transport from Palma airport to Colonia de Sant Jordi, although there is the TIB A51 that runs to the nearby town of Campos, where you could then hop in a taxi for the short 15 minute drive to Colonia de Sant Jordi. And there is always the possibility of hiring a car. Undertaking the 45-minute journey is probably far more appealing than an hour and 15-minute bus ride or taxi journey!

Colonia de Sant Jordi


Previously known as ‘San Jorge’; there is a strong presence of a previous Roman history within Colonia de Sant Jordi. Renowned for its salt production, alongside the neighbouring town of Ses Salines; the traditional extraction methods are celebrated annually during one of the town’s fiestas. The harbour was once solely home to fishing boats, who supplied all corners of Mallorca with some of the finest catches. From prawns, to hake- they had it all. Nowadays, although still home to a few fishing vessels, the majority of the boats in the harbour are running to the National Maritime Park of Cabrera.

Flamingoes on Mallorca


Birdwatching on Mallorca

Woman Watching Bird By Sea

Local Sights

When it comes to things to see, then the beaches certainly steal the show! White sands and turquoise waters are abundantly prominent across this region of Mallorca. Colonia de Sant Jordi has its own little beach, which is perfectly pleasant and ideal for families and beach bums who don’t wish to venture too far. However, a short walk away is the beach of Es Carbo (apparently the beach of choice for the Spanish royal family)- it really will take your breath away! You’re also no real distance from Es Trenc, Mallorca’s award winning beach, situated a little further west and accessible via car.

A rather impressive local sight is that of Cabrera, a handful of tiny islands that lay just 10 kilometres offshore. Once used to hold prisoners during the Napoleonic War, but now uninhabited, Cabrera is home to some of Mallorca’s most incredible marine life.

Cabrera Colonia de Sant Jordi

Food & Drink

There are many restaurants lining the quayside of Colonia de Sant Jordi, although, as with many tourist resorts, it can be hard to find that little hideaway where the locals go.

Panaderia Pons is a well established bakery that is popular with locals and tourists alike- every morning freshly baked breads, cakes and traditional delicacies such as ensaimadas (a snake shaped pastry, occasionally filled with cream, custard or other fillings and with a taste of almonds) and empanadas(a small pie filled with meat, fish or vegetables- or a combination of the three). In terms of affordability you can’t beat this place on price (2 coffees and pastries will cost less than 10€!) and there’s nothing better than grabbing yourselves a table, on a Sunday morning and watching the locals share their enormous ensaimadasbetween their family, whilst sipping on a coffee (and sometimes a brandy)

Address:Calle Major, 20, Colonia de Sant Jordi, 07638, Telephone:971 65 51 71

5Illes Eat and Drink

This modern restaurant combines Mediterranean and Canarian cuisine, and every dish is based around the concept of ‘sharing’- making it the perfect choice for friends and families. Head chef Aure Garcia wishes for every diner to experience all five of their senses when eating from his menu- and that’s exactly what you get! From the minute you enter the restaurant your eyes are absorbing the chic interior, your nose enticed by the smells from the kitchen, ears listening to the sounds of subtle chatter, palate tantalised by the flavour combinations; and touched by the company you’re in. It really does deliver exactly what it says on the tin! Although it can’t compete with Panaderia Pons for affordability, it is very fairly priced for the standard of food and portion size- and well worth a visit for a special occasion or celebrating your first or last night in resort!

Address:Avenida Primavera, 42, Colonia de Sant Jordi, 07638, Telephone:971 65 56 69

Shopping and/or Markets

Every Wednesday between 09.00-14.00 there is a local market, demonstrating handicrafts, clothing and fresh food.

Colonia de Sant Jordi Market

Sports & Recreation

For those who love being on the water, Colonia de Sant Jordi is the place for you! With boat trips operating every hour to the nature reserve at Cabrera, as well as kayak hire available from the port, it’s certainly geared up for water sports.

However, for those who fancy some more ‘hardcore’ sporting training why not visit the BEST centre. Popular with Ironman competitors due to the large swimming pool, and array of synchronized swimming, water polo and other poolside activities on offer. Anyone who loves a good stroll will certainly enjoy the hike to the lighthouse at Ses Salines, which offers spectacular views across to the islands of Cabrera. There is also an array of beaches (Es Caragol, Es Carbo, Es Dols) that make for great starting points, for the 12km trek across to the lighthouse- so you definitely won’t get bored on a trip to Colonia de Sant Jordi!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Family paddle boarding

The Most Stunning Coves of Mallorca

Turqouis Water Sea Side Bay Cove

Fiestas & Annual Highlights

As with many resorts here on the island, Colonia de Sant Jordi celebrate their own patron saint(Sant Jordi) on the 23rd April[[LINK TO EVENTS CALENDAR]], each and every year. Also on the calendar are the salt harvesting festival during August, Sant Bartomeu (24th August)[LINK TO EVENTS CALENDAR]]and ‘Summerfest’ which takes place on the first weekend of August[[LINK TO EVENTS CALENDAR]]- looks like August is a busy month here in Colonia de Sant Jordi!

Living in Colonia de Sant Jordi

Property purchase prices (on average) are in the region of 250,000- 300,000€ (based on a 3-bedroomed property). Many people choose this area to purchase holiday homes, so during the winter months it practically shuts down.

Rental prices are much of a muchness, and very similar to other coastal holiday hot spots. A 3-bedroomed property (for long term rent) could cost anywhere between 750-1500€ per month depending on proximity to the beach[[LINK TO Top 10 Coves ARTICLE]], and amenities. So although not the most affordable area of the island, it’s certainly one of the most desirable (particularly during the summer months).

Charm factor

A combination of natural beauty and thriving holiday hubbub- Colonia de Sant Jordi really does have something for everyone

30 julio, 2019

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