14 mayo 2020

My name is Adèle Chrétien and I am the social media manager here at Affordable Mallorca.

Adèle Chrétien social media manager Affordable Mallorca min

The one thing that most people have never known about me? #

I’m an artist at heart. I have a creative brain and I love getting crafty! Growing up with a scrapbooker, I’ve always been used to making collage, or add some sparkles on school projects. There was always great art material around the house, and my friends loved my birthday parties because we would always do a cool craft project. I now put my creativity mostly into photography and digital design. But I still love to get my hands on paint, brushes and stickers and let my mind take a break from the phone and computer.

Adèle Chrétien Craft Kids Memories

I love Mallorca because #

I’m in love with the island life. I love being surrounded by the sea and having to walk only a few meters from Palma city centre to find the coast. I love Mallorca because you have everything on the island: small rocky calas, sandy beaches, mountains, the sunshine, greenery. The gorgeous and vibrant city of Palma as well as many tiny quiet villages. I love the weather, coming from the North of France, where it’s cold, rainy and grey most of the time, having sunshine in winter is the best thing ever! I love the beautiful sunsets I can chase, especially in autumn. I love Mallorca for its international community mixed with the local traditions.

Woman watching sunset portixol Adele Chretien

My favorite drink on the island? #

Vermouth! One thing you should know is that I am a lightweight, and before coming to live in Spain, I didn’t drink much at all (not that I do now...but even less then!). I discovered Vermouth thanks to my internship supervisor and now dear friend, when I first came to Mallorca. After a work event she invited me for Vermouth, in a local bar; it was a Saturday afternoon, and I remember thinking ‘why are all Spanish people drinking this early in the day’ but then I discovered it was Tardeo… So, I drunk my first glass and was already tipsy when her friend joined us and orderByed one more Vermouth, I didn’t want to say no as I was trying to give a good impression to my supervisor. We had a lovely afternoon sipping our drinks and eating crisps. When it was time to go home, I couldn’t walk straight but since that day I love a good Vermouth!

Vermouth photo Adèle Chrétien min

My favorite food on the island? #

Pa Amb Oli! So simple but delicious! I also love Pulpo a la Gallega.

My favorite thing to do on the island?

Hiking! I’m a big nature lover, and as I work on the computer and phone most of the time, I often feel the need to be outside and disconnect. Once a week I love to go up a mountain, discover a new trail and be amazed by the beauty our island has to offer. I also love strolling around the city of Palma and capturing its beauty.

Why I believe Affordable Mallorca helps the island and the world #

By creating useful and straight to the point content with valuable information. It can be quite hard to find information about moving to the island and Affordable Mallorca is a great resource for expats.

Sunrise Palma Palmtree Photo Adele

My ultimate dream? #

To wake up to a view of the sea! Meanwhile, I often start my days with a sunrise walk by the ocean.

14 mayo, 2020


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