Useful Guides to Mallorca

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How to get here ?

Check out our article on how to get the best deals on your flight over.

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Moving to Mallorca with Your Family

The in's and outs about moving to Mallorca

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Palma City - Everything You Need to Know

Looking for your dream home or are you just visiting? Here is all you need to know about Palma city!

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Now you live here it is time to get your NIE number

Find out what obtaining an NIE number entails

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How to make a living in Mallorca

How to juggle jobs and find happiness in your work, here in Spanish paradise

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Setting up your Spanish Bank account.

Money, Money, Money! Affordable Mallorca’s guide to banking in Spain.

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We build bridges and connect communities

Find out what Mallorca is all about Affordable Mallorca shares inside information about what it is really like to live here. Our articles are useful, trustworthy and help you integrate into the local community or region.

Authentic Mallorca Windmil

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