Santauri de Cura in Randa

18 junio 2019

"Whether you are seeking a cool place in peak summer months, a quiet retreat from the tensions of the world or a holy place where the Father of the Catalan language found Enlightenment, Santuari de Cura is a must."

Located on top of Puig de Randa (543m), the highest peak in the center of the island, this hostel and restaurant provide one of the most welcoming experiences for a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else.

Three Santuaris – Gracia, Sant Honorat and Cura - are located on this mountain in Randa, near Algaida. Toward the top of the peak, remains of a defense fortress dates to Islamic times. Legend has it that in 1274, Ramon Llull, Father of the Catalan language, received his enlightenment here.

I knew nothing more than this when a friend invited my husband and me on a sweltering day in early August to join her family for a dinner at the Santuari de Cura at 8:30 p.m. so we could watch the sunset. On our way there we drove through Algaida, then made a left at a small road behind people on horseback coming in from a long ride in the valley. We went past a horse farm and up through the village of Randa, past the most unusual rock formations the like of which I have only seen in one other place on Mallorca, on the road to Esporles from Calvia.

The winding road then took us into the campo giving vistas of all four directions.

Monastery Restaurant

An Oasis of Cool

Shortly before arriving at the Santuari de Cura, we came past a weather station with satellites which broke the ethereal mood until we walked through the gates and realized that the weather up here was actually spectacular. The air has a softness like nothing else on the island. When leaving Andratx, temperatures had been 34C in Andratx half an hour ago, whereas up here they were a mild 24C, dropping to 21C during dinner so we needed our pashminas to keep us from the chill. Delight during a heat wave!

Dinner? A treat!

The food was a mix of traditional Mallorquin and Spanish with vegetarian choices. My favorite was the Baccalou (Cod) and pumpkin risotto with the most typical of all Mallorquin desserts – the Gató de almendra con helado (almond cake and almond ice cream), with local almonds used as the main ingredient in both dishes.

"The entire staff was gracious, always smiling, friendly and multi-lingual. So, if you do not speak Spanish, that should not deter you from enjoying dinner or the hostel."

And absolutely affordable, too.

For a dinner serving five people, with three full courses plus bottles of precious water plus coffee and tea after dessert, the bill’s total was €113. None of us drank vino tinto or vino blanco, so add that cost to the meal if you want nectar of the gods with your meal.

I asked our friends what they were paying for rooms. They had booked directly and received a bottle of prosecco upon arrival with a double occupancy, four-night stay costing €300 during high season.

With a rental car at €28/day, they were able to drive to all the beaches, enjoy the evenings in Palma on a budget of less than €500 for each of them.

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18 junio, 2019


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