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27 enero 2020

What if 300 days a year of sun, a barefoot home (with stories to tell), and a life of greater ease and comfort in a world class luxury destination is more affordable than your flat in Stockholm, your suburban life in Hamburg, your village home in Buckinghamshire? What if you might be able to afford both?

Don't Look Where Everyone Else is Looking #

Around 200,000 homes are for sale on the island, with an average price of a very affordable 300,000 Euros. True, Mallorca's Southwest and Palma are expensive, average square-metre prices reaching €7,200 (in 2019), but the island is much bigger than that! Go house-hunting in other regions like Pla de Mallorca, Raiguer, Migjorn and Llevant, and you might even find it workable to maintain a smaller home back home, while opening your doors to friends and family in a spot that will have you turning over guest rooms faster than a conscientious hotel clerk.

With fabulous food, inexpensive flights from every corner of Europe, plenty to do (and perfectly good wi-fi) – plus a stable economy and equity rates rising by sustainable margins – your affordable dream may add value to your personal finances in the years ahead, without delaying the gratifications of a life well lived.

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Calvia village

Avoid the Buying Cost Trap #

Buying property in an unfamiliar place or system can present obstacles, but very few are unavoidable. The very first thing to know is that up to 30% of the purchase price of a home can be eaten up in fees and transaction costs. That’s a cost of up to 100,000 Euros on the average home sale in Mallorca, some of which you (and the home’s seller) might avoid, keeping money in your wallet to enhance your affordable lifestyle.

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Let Us Be Your Guide #

That’s what Affordable Mallorca is all about. We show you Mallorca’s most amazing places – and provide all the facts and fun information you need to find your happiness in them. Maybe you want to visit more often. Maybe you never want to leave. Our goal is to show you how to make your own unforgettable Mallorca moments a part of your daily routine. We also help you discover the roots of the island, so you can become a meaningful part of your village, city, or island dream.

Affordable Mallorca… It’s your life, your dream, realized.


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27 enero, 2020


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