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27 enero 2020

When is the best time of year to buy a property in Mallorca? Short answer: Anytime. But you might pay more if you arrive in April and want a summer place. At that time of the year, a truly great, affordable property is usually booked with family, friends or tenants. Plus, most people want to shop around to make sure they have landed in an area of the island where they can settle in which, in turn, increases demand for short-term rentals.

Despite recent restrictions on holiday rentals put in place by the Consell Insular, there is a lot of money to be made during high season, and some property owners might be tempted to privately sub-let a place they want to sell and keep postponing the notary appointment with a potential buyer into the cooler months, sometimes without being frank about it to keep you dangling on the hook. Not nice, maybe, but (sometimes) a reality.

Here is a pretty typical story of what happened to friends in Palma>>

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The Charm of the Cooler Season #

To go house-hunting in the cooler season has one big advantage: You will get to see how much sun finds its way to your property when it's lower in the sky, which, believe me, is of greatest importance for feeling snug and cosy in that house or apartment once you live there! Morning sun on the terrace, a sunny outside sitting area sheltered from the wind – those are assets that cannot be overrated! When I was looking for a place to buy in Andratx, an old Mallorquín friend of mine told me to go for the morning-sun side of the valley, not the evening-sun side which, he said, is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. I am thankful to this day that I headed his advice!

Also, keep in mind that to getting administrative work done during the summer months is not easy, August being is one of almost total standstill. The public system switches into idle, and clocks slow down. Everybody seems to be on holidays, and those offices which are not altogether closed, run on a summer schedule. To be frank, nothing happens until mid-September.

Our advice: If you are on a house or apartment hunt and want to come over, at whichever time of year, don't come in a hurry. Use the opportunity to get around on the island, to explore with all senses. Get to know the regions and find out about their special charm. Mallorca is much more than sun, sand and sea! Check out as many places (and properties) as you can. Take your time to check about the lie of land and pay attention to the orientation of the property – what you love in winter (sun!) you might not want to that extent in summer (sun!). Go for morning sun and evening shade, it the advice a good Mallorquin friend gave me when I first moved to the island. I heeded it and he was right.

Let us be your guide and read our Magazine by Affordable Mallorca>>. And if you stay falls in the tourist season, don't forget to take your time to do what most do at this time: relax, go to the beach and enjoy the island's summer life.

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27 enero, 2020


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