The Best Coworking Spaces in Palma

17 septiembre 2019

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Being a freelancer or running a start-up, you know how great it is to have the freedom be able to work anywhere. You also know how isolating it can be. The necessary long hours on a computer aren’t exactly conducive to a social life and being inside your own head, not to mention home, for days on end can blur the lines a bit, making decisions or getting past mental blocks very difficult.

This is why coworking spaces are growing in popularity. They offer workers a buzzy, energetic atmosphere where other creative and business-oriented people are gathered, allowing for exchanges of ideas, possibilities of partnerships, networking opportunities, and a far more fun way to get projects and companies off the ground.

Affordable Mallorca is going to get to work and fill you in on some of the island’s best places to go!

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Why They Work #

It is estimated that by 2020, 40% of the workforce will be freelance, solopreneurs and independent contractors. That’s a lot of people going it alone, but not everyone wants to always BE alone whilst working.

One of the best things about flexible workspaces is that they are a source of support and give a sense of community. These office environments provide stimulation and motivation…and often someone to chat with over a coffee when your mojo is at an ebb.

Statistics have indicated that these spaces are beneficial in myriad ways with regard to both work and personal life. In a study conducted by Office Vibe, 68% say they are more focused whilst working in a coworking facility, more than 60% say they are better time managers, 70% say they feel healthier, 60% say they are more relaxed at home having a separate place to work, and 91% say they have better interactions with others after coworking. Even incomes are reportedly higher, with half of people stating they are earning more since using flexible workspaces.

Cost is also a major factor. Many start-ups and freelancers can’t afford an office of their own, but they don’t want to be at home all the time either. Coworking spaces give these folks a place to go to be productive at a price they can afford, as well as giving them a place to conduct meetings with clients. It’s far more professional to be at these nicely kitted out rented spaces than at your kitchen table with the laundry piled up in a corner.

Another great aspect is that people can often find others doing complementary projects, or ones who specialise in things you need. It’s possible to meet your next web designer, writer, PR rep or business partner sitting across from you on any given day.

Many of these facilities also put on events, such as courses, exhibits, networking and workshops, an added bonus for those looking for a bit of guidance or new ideas.

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Where to Find The Right Place for You #

The island has several top notch coworking spaces. We will share a selection here:

The Hub

Located in trendy Santa Catalina, The Hub is an open airy facility with a 9-6 workday policy, including many of the bells and whistles such as high-speed wi-fi, printers, scanners, projectors, personal lockers, a shared kitchen, parking and bike storage. They’re dog-friendly, speak English and offer some fab ups and extras such as massages and an art gallery. After hours, they host events and workshops away from computer screens, giving everyone’s creative side a chance to shine. Rates are €20/day and €90/week for general seating and €180/month for a dedicated desk. Flexible membership arrangements can also be made.

Address: Carrer de Caro 70, 07013 Palma / +34 971 179 589


Wohaby is the brainchild of Ana Seido who has gathered together a team of 40+ professionals to help guide and assist her clients in ways they probably didn’t even know they needed. In addition to the usual features (high-speed internet, kitchen, printers, childcare, etc), she has her Wohabyers on call who offer services such as event planning, design, employment advisors, protocol specialists, writers, and cultural communication specialists. Rates are €20/day and €75/week with flexible monthly rates depending on the amount of time you plan to spend at “the office”. She has two locations, one in Palma and one in Manacor.

Address: Carrer del 31 de Desembre 22 #1ºE, 07004 Palma / +34 971 666 161 // Carrer de Pius XII 3, 07500 Manacor / +34 629 467 256

Workation Palma

“Workation is a space where people work to make a life, not just a living.” That’s the mantra of this smartly chic space owned by a Swedish couple who firmly believe in a work/life balance approach to life. Dog-friendly, with all the amenities including computers, lockers, high-speed wifi, showers and free coffee, the building is located in the historic district of Palma and open plan seating will run you €30/day, €100/week amd €250/month. Private offices and desks are also available.

Address: Carrer del Sindicat 74, 07002 Palma / +34 680 578 135


Located about a minute’s walk to Playa de Palma, this work sharing space also has the possibility to rent a room or a bed. Boasting a mix of local and international clients, the minimalist space has meeting rooms, kitchen, screens for hire, 24/7 accessibility, and high speed internet, but also has a roof terrace and BBQ “chill out area”. They also host weekly meet ups. Rates start at €20/ day, €60/week and ⁄€175 a month for a desk only, and from €625/month or €250/week for a desk and a shared room.

Address: Carrer de la Marineta 5B, 07600 S'Arenal / +34 637 514 581

Sources #

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17 septiembre, 2019


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