Spanish Government Declares Climate Emergency

29 enero 2020

"Decarbonization and the energetic transition must be the pillars of all governmental action" – Government Spokeswoman María Jesús Montero

As if storm Gloria was sweeping across the country to show how necessary and timely his action was, on January 21st, 2020 the newly elected Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared Spain to be in a situation of climatic emergency. This was as a first formal step in his long-announced fight against global warming. Within 100 days, the government will introduce their climate change bill into parliament, which will be at the heart of Spain's new climate and environmental protection policy.

In accordance with EU plans for the so-called Green Deal, Spain wants to reduce their net carbon dioxide emissions to zero, net emission meaning the actual emissions minus the amounts of CO2 withdrawn from the atmosphere by decarbonization measures. To reach this goal, Spain plans to have up to 95 per cent of their power supplied from renewable sources by 2040. In addition, busses and trucks shall run exhaust-free and the agriculture be climate neutral. Further details are to be published with the presentation of the bill in parliament.

With their declaration of Climate Emergency, Spain follows the example of other countries in the EU. The French parliament had taken that same decision during the July heat wave, and in Germany, too, many communal parliaments have declared themselves in a situation of climatic emergency since May 2019.




29 enero, 2020


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