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18 febrero 2024

Palma Neighbourhood Guide #

  • Nou Llevant
  • Palma City Beach
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Nou Llevant #

Nou Llevant, formerly called the Polígono de Llevant, is an urbanised sector composed of a mixture of industrial, residential and administrative facilities. Lying just south of La Soledad [[LINK TO PALMA NEIGHBOURHOOD No. 11]], it is a quiet neighbourhood that sits westwards to the centre, with the seaside just a short 15 minute stroll away.

Nou Llevant Street

This part of Palma accommodates a large number of buildings of governmental facilities including: The Agencia Tributaria (Tax Treasury), Oficina de Extrangeria (Foreign Office to get your NIE, Oficina del Departamento de la Seguridad Social (Social Security Department Office). To consult more on these offices please refer to our AM Relocation Guide,

Nou Llevant is also full of recreational parks and green areas, as well as public middle and high schools, which makes it a suitable district to move into for families and/or people who want to reside in a peaceful neighbourhood not too distant from life in the centre of Palma

Nou Llevant

Palma City Beach #

Palma’s city beach (not to be confused with Playa de Palma), is a stretch of sandy coastline that sits snuggly on the Paseo Maritimo[[LINK TO PALMA NEIGHBOURHOOD No. 12]], borderBying Portixol. It is not the biggest, but you can surely enjoy a good sunset whether you’re having a picnic at Parc de la Mar, or relaxing in a beach club sipping on a cocktail while watching the sun go down.

Playa De Palma Aerial View Mallorca

Local Sights #

Worth seeing is the beautiful sculpture of a woman called “Nuredduna” created in 1975 by the Mallorquin artist Remigia Caubet as an iconic figure of Mallorca. She can be found in the esplanade of Can Pere de Antoni, on the opposite side of Palma’s Palace of Congress.

Palma Cathedral #

The most iconic symbol of the Island and perhaps the one building everyone associates with this beautiful island is the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (more commonly referred to as La Seu by the locals) which, although not located in this neighbourhood, still is a dominating presence. Construction of this monumental piece of Gothic architecture began in 1229 under the reign of King James of Aragon I, but did not see its final completion until 1601. The renowned Antoni Gaudí was invited to work on the cathedral but after a falling out in 1914, he dumped the project and only cosmetic changes were made instead of a restructuring. However, don’t let us spoil the overall effect of this striking building by petty details of its history and instead walk the short distance to the Old Town and check it out by yourself! The opening times are Monday to Friday from 10:00 until 17:15, and on Saturdays and holidays from 10:00 to 14:15.


Food & Drink #

For this area of Palma you want to go down to the beginning of the Palma City Beach to Anima Beach Club. It is next to a small rocky beach not much frequented by people, and offers one of the greatest spots in Palma to enjoy a sunset with a reasonably priced drink and great Mediterranean food, with deep, lounge music. For an unforgettable experience this is beach club is a must go for any visitor!
Contact: +34 971 59 55 91 Autovia del Levante, s/n, 07006 Palma

El Molino Mediterraneo: If the above beach club vibe does not suit your personality, walk over to nearby Portixol. El Molino Mediterraneo is a quaint little casual restaurant that offers impressive quality food at rational prices for a beach-front restaurant.
: +34 971 24 77 82
Joan Maragall no 2, Portixol, 07006 Palma

Shopping and/or Markets #

This area of Palma does not have any of the municipal markets that other neighbourhoods of the city share. However, it does have its fair share of supermarkets, pharmacies, parking garages, small shopping centres and anything you may need

Sports & Recreation #

The area of Nou Llevant, being mostly administrative territory, it does not have any sport facilities in the neighbourhood. However, the exceptional amount of greenery in the area allows anyone to go for a jog, practise yoga or just take a breather from the stress associated with city life. The following parks are present in the area, and are all worth checking out: Parc de Pocoyo, Parc Krekovic, Parc Llevant and Parc de Can Palou.

AM Tip: The beach is a great place to go swimming, but beware as some of the trash from the cruises can get caught in the bay, making the experience slightly less enjoyable

Parc Krekovic Sign

Art & Culture #

The artistic and cultural hotspot in this section of Palma is the Krekovic Museum, dedicated to the Croatian painter Kristian Krekovic, known for his portraits and Incan-influenced arts. After having spent most of his life in Latin America, the artist moved to the Island in 1960 and lived here up until his death in 1985.

Parc Krekovicinside

Living in Nou Llevant #

Nou Llevant, or, as it used to be called Polígono de Llevant, is generally known as a working class neighbourhood with some streets being home to people on the lowest rungs of the social ladder. However, experts see great development potential in this whole area as the Palma's City Council has made it into one of their focus points for urban transformation. José Hila, Counselor for Urbanism and City Models, told the Diario de Mallorca: "The transformation of this neighbourhood is a great opportunity. This is the best space for development and we must make use of it."

Nou Llevant

Charm factor #

With the fabulous waterfront promenade at your doorstep and the view of the glittering waters of Palma Bay stretching all the way to the horizon, Palma City Beach definitely has its charm. As for Nou Llevant, it is not exactly what you would call a posh area. But even if maybe you wouldn't want to be living in this district now, it might, in a not too distant future, pay off to go hunting for properties now

Oranges In Park

18 febrero, 2024


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