Lloseta to Santa Llucia - A Llovely Walk

16 septiembre 2020

When you look on a map, this walk doesn’t make a lot of sense. But who cares about making sense, right? At a hearty 16km round trip, you will pack a lot of pretty into one day.

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Lloseta #

The suggested starting and end point of the hike is the town of Lloseta. Located in the island’s heartland, Lloseta is its second smallest municipality. The town historically was a centre for industrial material production and the making of leather goods. The well-known brand of hiking boot, Bestard, are from here for example.

Today, the town is focused not only on shoes, but on agriculture, and boasts a super nice Saturday morning farmer’s market. There are also a selection of cafes and restaurants to sample. One that stands out is the Restaurant Santi Tauri. This high-end establishment has an incredible tasting menu and is always packed for a reason. You’ll need to book in advance, but the meal, especially after a long walk, will be worth the effort.

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Mancor de la Vall/Santa Llucia Chapel #

Mancor de la Vall is a tiny foothill village, and the base for the climb to the Chapel Santa Llucia. The village has many fine examples of local architecture and boasts several well-known manor houses. Sa Tafona de Son Morro is the best known and is interesting in that it has a 17th century olive press on site that is still completely operational.

Mancor de la Vall is also home to our final destination… the Chapel Santa Llucia. Santa Llucia is the patron saint of those suffering from eye diseases and is popular on the island. The chapel itself was built after the conquest of King Jaime I and is known for its special status as being the preferred church of the island’s poorest and humblest. From the chapel, there are fantastic views onto Inca, Santa Magdalena, the plain of Muro, Campanet, Moscari and the Bay of Alcudia.

Getting There and The Route #

Now that we’ve set the scene, let’s get walking!

To get to Lloseta, take the train from Palma (Plaza de España) or go by car via the M-13, where you take exit 17 and follow the signs to Lloseta on the M-13A. From Lloseta you follow the signs to begin walking to Mancor de la Vall via the Ma2113 until it ends. At this point you turn left onto the Ma2112 that will take you directly into Mancor de la Vall. On this route, you will pass through the adorable village of Biniamar.

Once in Mancor de la Vall, you take the rather steep 2km climb up to the Chapel Santa Llucia where you have reached your destination. So get those walking shoes ready and get out there!

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16 septiembre, 2020


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