Heavenly Hike

15 octubre 2020

Heavenly Hike #

Spend an afternoon reaching new heights on this hike from the picturesque village of Randa to the famed Santuari de Cura.

Between heaven and earth. That is how to best describe this hike. Here’s a little info on the starting and end points, followed by how we do it!

Randa Santuari De Cura 2

Randa: The Start #

Randa is a tiny hamlet of roughly 100 inhabitants, situated at the base of the Puig de Randa. This is the starting point of the hike and is popular with cyclists as well as walkers. There are a few little restaurants in the village if you want a bite or a drink before you embark on the walk. A quick wander around reveals some pretty village houses and a place that, in general, oozes with rustic charm.

Randa Santuari De Cura 1

Santuari de Cura: The Finish Line #

Perched atop the Puig de Randa, at the highest point of the center of Mallorca (543m) sits the Santuari de Cura. The sanctuary was founded in 1273 by the mystic, writer and philosopher Ramon Llull. Born on Mallorca in or around 1232, he is attributed to being one of the fathers of the Catalan language, as well as a bold thinker who wrote up to 265 philosophical and theological books in his lifetime.

Today the Santuari is the domain and responsibility of the Franciscans of the Third Order, and they have converted the monastery into a hotel, replete with a top-drawer restaurant, cafeteria, museum, meeting room, and gift shop.

The views are amongst the best on Mallorca. One can see an incredibly vast amount of the island from this altitude including the city of Palma, the Bay of Pollença, and the Tramuntana Mountains. If walking isn’t your bag, it is possible to drive up. Parking is free and plentiful.

The Walk #

The walk to the Santuari de Cura takes about two hours and is mainly along a paved road. Not the most charming walk, but the end game makes it all worth it. As already stated, the views are to die for and the Santuari is absolutely stunning. From the starting point in Randa, it is 4,4 kms, at a 5,6% grade... not hugely steep, but enough to remind your thighs you should be doing this more often. It is not covered, so make sure to wear your sun cream or bring a hat, especially in the summer months. Also, you may want to take a bit of cash, as once up at the top, you’re sure to want to linger, and what better way than to lounge on a sun-drenched terrace, having lunch and taking in the scenery.

The walk is free, as is entry to the Santuari de Cura.

15 octubre, 2020


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