La Ruta Martiana aka Tapas Tuesday

28 agosto 2019

“Tapas are not so much a kind of food as a Spanish way of life.” – Patty Moss

If you’ve lived on Mallorca for any amount of time, you probably have heard of Tapas Tuesdays. Well, it turns out that’s a bit of a misnomer. This weekly event actually goes on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but Tapas Wednesday doesn’t have the same ring, so… Anyway, the official name is La Ruta Martiana, and it’s practically a Palma institution. A collection of roughly 25 bars in the have banded together to offer special deals to hungry and thirsty customers, all for just a couple of Euros. So, read on and join Affordable Mallorca for a night of the town!

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Where to Find It #

The “Tuesday Trail” (English for Ruta Martiana) is focused primarily in the Sa Gerreria district, an often overlooked area near the Plaça Mayor and popular with young locals. We stuck mainly to the Plaça d’en Coll and the surrounding narrow streets, though certainly it would be easy to discover new venues every time by making a left rather than right hand turn. That’s part of the beauty of the Ruta, the experience changes each time it’s done, even getting a little lost is part of the fun.

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What to Expect #

I went in with some preconceived notions that turned out to be almost totally unfounded. I expected every place to be a tad grotty and rundown, serving stale tortilla chips and beer out of plastic cups. To be fair, there certainly were a couple of those, but by and large the bars and restaurants on this route were pretty fab. There were some seriously cool, modern places and some cosy, quaint ones mixed in with the bits of rough we encountered, but all were enjoyable, and it was great fun trying out so many different places.

That’s a really important aspect of the Ruta Martiana… discovery. This experience gives visitors a chance to check out several locations in a single night. How often do you go for dinner and get to go to half a dozen places in one evening?

It’s also great for local commerce as well. It allows people to visit a number of restaurants, giving them a taste of the atmosphere, the food and the service so they can decide if they’d like to return another time. It gives the bar and restaurant owners a chance to shine.

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A few of our favourites were Quina Creu on Carrer de la CorderByia, La Tortilleria de Palma on the Plaça de la Quartera, and C. Corner on the Plaça d'En Coll. This is a start, but you’re sure to find you own preferred hot spots over time.

Perhaps the most amazing part is the price. Those on a budget can look at it as a special treat, a fun night out that doesn’t break the bank. Customers can enjoy a caña, small glass of wine or a soft drink with a tapa for €2-€3. Right up the Affordable Mallorca alley, no?

La Ruta Martiana goes from 19:30 until closing every Tuesday and Wednesday evening in Palma. For a full listing of the bars on the route, go to

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28 agosto, 2019

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