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20 mayo 2020

“Life without tapas is like a heart without love.” - BKS Iyengar

Ever wish you could make tapas at home like you get at restaurants, but think cooking classes are an extravagance or just too complicated? The Affordable Mallorca team feels your pain and is on the case! We will show you where you can learn to make tapas that will impress your friends and keep your bank account in the black.

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Online Cooking Classes #

Meanwhile, here are two recommendations where you can learn online how to make great tapas that will impress your friends andkeep your bank account in the black.

Spain on a Fork: Albert Bevia takes you on a culinary trip to Spain.

Simple and delicious - Omar Allibhoy really got the knack of tapas making!

We hope you find the perfect recipe for you and enjoy making perfect tapas. Don’t forget to invite us to your next party!

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Mallorca’s Cooking Schools #

Mallorca has a selection of cooking schools that specifically cater to making tapas and we hope for all of us that the “new normal” will eventually develop into a situation where we can all enjoy doing fun things together again. These two cooking schools promise to re-open as soon as they can, of course observing the new rules.

Please, keep in mind that the information about classes and prices given are from pre-corona times, so better check again on their websites before thinking about booking.

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Lonja 18

This three-hour course not only teaches you to make your own tapas, but also includes, for €15 additional, a trip to the market to select the makings for your future snacks. Some of the dishes you will prepare are pretty high-brow, such as smoky grilled vegetable pastry with anchovies, quail eggs with chorizo, brandade stuffed peppers and prawns in inky tempura batter. Classes (without market visit) are €65 per person.

Address: Lonja 18 Carrer de la Llotja 18, 07012 Palma

My Muy Bueno Cookery School

The all-day experience will have you at My Muy Bueno will have you leaving confident and stuffed! The course runs from 10h-17h and is classified as an intermediate level class that only accepts new students. After preparing delicious nibbly bits such as albondigas, tumbet, padrón, jamon croquetas and Spanish friend anchovies, you will be invited to sit down to a lunch to enjoy your creations with a lovely glass of wine. All ingredients are included and you will learn with a certificate showing you have completed the course. Bonus: Any bakes made can be taken home to enjoy later! Cost is €195 per person.

Address: Carrer Tous 1 Maroto, 5B, Floor 1, No. 14-16, 7001 Palma

We hope you find the perfect class for you and enjoy making perfect tapas. Don’t forget to invite us to your next party!

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20 mayo, 2020


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