Kicking the Expat Blues

27 junio 2020

Group Therapy with a Lemon Twist for Expats #

Culture Shock noun The feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes

As expats, we’re all in the same boat. By definition, this is true. Moving away from kith and kin to live in another country, we all have this commonality that binds us together. Another thing that many of us share is something few of us talk about, and even fewer of us knew we suffered with until we came out the other end. It has several names; culture shock, unprepared expat surprise, acculturation… Call it what you want, but it can lead to feelings of isolation, despair, and hopelessness. By recognizing signs, in yourself and your loved ones, you can get help, and quickly resume your life in a happier, healthier way.

Why It Happens #

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How to Make It Better #

ULTIMATE GUIDE Volunteering on Mallorca

Charity work offers great opportunities to get involved.
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Find A Good Friend

A large part of the transition from discontent to contentment involves surrounding yourself with people, or just one person, who you can count on as a friend; someone to grab lunch with, someone to pick up your kid from school when you’re stuck at the vet, someone to call when you’re having a really bad day. Don’t underestimate the power of having one good friend. Having a friend is like having an anchor in your new life, and by getting involved and meeting potential friends, you are taking positive steps in a positive direction.

Make A Friend

Looking after your general health is also hugely important. No one who hasn’t been through an international move can understand the stress, and we all tend to play that down. Don’t! Give yourself time to be tired, time to reflect, and time to adjust. Eat right. Sleep. Do activities you enjoy. Pretending it isn’t difficult, only it does you a disservice and disallows those around you who would like to help the chance to do so. Talk about what is bothering you to your pastor, your spouse, or your teddy bear. It doesn’t matter to whom, just do it. The frustration dissipates once it has been unloaded


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27 junio, 2020


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