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3 febrero 2024

‘To sit with a dog at the water’s edge, on a glorious afternoon, is to be back in Eden- where doing nothing was not boring’- Unknown

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For all of us proud pet parents, words cannot express the joy that we feel when watching our furry friends run around in the great outdoors, and unite with nature. The constant snuffles whilst identifying new scents, combined with the pricking up of ears, as unfamiliar sounds whizz around in the open air! The excited little dance routine, all dogs seem to do, as they await that momentous occasion of having their lead unclipped, and the freedom to roam surges through their paws. It’s during this moment that their faces transform to express sheer elation and happiness- and what a beautiful moment it is! However, finding areas where we can allow our dogs to experience this sensation can be difficult; but fear not! Here at Affordable Mallorca we have the answer, as we bring our guide of Mallorca’s pet paradise!

Dogs Enjoy Playing On Beach

Cala Blanca #

The most recent addition to Mallorca’s dog friendly beaches, Cala Blanca is situated to the nearby town of Andratx. Offering golden sands, and clear waters that your pooches can paddle in, till their heart's content! The perfect location for any pet owner based on the South West of the island!

Cala Blanca Mallorca

Es Carnatge #

In my opinion Es Carnatge has the edge over the other locations- as it offers a bar for all you thirsty dog walkers! This dog friendly beach, located in the capital city of Palma, is home to the ‘Handle Bar’ . This quirky beach bar, constructed from reclaimed wood, and powered by solar energy, provides light bites and cold refreshments (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) between the hours of 8am- midnight; meaning that you can while away the hours without a worry. There are always water bowls available for your furry friends- so everyone’s a winner!

Es Carnatge

Na Patana

In the quaint town of Santa Margalida. is the Na Patana beach. On the north east coast of the island, Na Patana offers a quiet retreat for man's best friend to run across the soft sands, and demonstrate their best doggy paddle in the tranquil waters of the Torrent son Baulo which flows into the sea.

Torrent Son Baulo

Llenaire #

This picturesque location in Puerto Pollensa., a quiet resort at the north of Mallorca, is a dog’s dream! The bay is calm and shallow, meaning that even those not so keen at swimming can dip their paws in! This area also benefits from picnic benches and a large amount of shade, so on those hot summer days you and your pup can relax under the pine trees before basking in the sun- perfection!

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General Beach Rules and Etiquette #

Although these beaches are designed for dogs and their owners, standard etiquette of cleaning up after your dog still applies. Failure to ‘pick up the poop’ can result in fines of up to the €3,000!

Currently these are the only beaches that welcome pooches all year round, but every other beach on the island invites dog owners and their pets to enjoy the sun, sand and sea between October 31st- March 31st.

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3 febrero, 2024


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