Summer Recipes - Healthy and Refreshing

Summer Recipes #

Simple and quick – here are our favourite recipes for Mallorca's hottest season.

Summer, sun and fish & chips? Not a good idea! When temperatures peak in summer, our bodies need (and crave) things that are light and easy to prepare.

Salads, gazpachos, grilled fish and vegetables – that's more like it! Fresh produce from your local market is all you need to replenish vitamins and minerals lost through transpiration.

AM Tip: Watch your calories! Our bodies do not need to produce as much internal heat in summer, which means: it doesn't need the same amount of food to keep it fuelled.

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These foods are like ice cubes for the body #

  • According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint and water melon all help to cool you down.
  • Coconut milk quenches your thirst and, say Ayurvedic experts, helps reduce heat in hands and feet.
  • Beat the heat with yoghurt and buttermilk. They are rich in minerals and probiotic lactobacilli that keep you safe against the nastier kind of summer-loving bacteria (those that might give you the runs…)
  • Spices will make you sweat more profusely, but don't consider this a downside. Transpiration cools the body! Try chillies, ginger and pepper.

And don't forget to drink enough. How much? Hard to say, as everybody is different. So, best check out yourself: your pee should have an almost clear colour – the colour of wheat straw, some say. If it's yellow, grab your water bottle!

For more tips of how to survive Mallorca's summer heat, See More>>

Our legendary gazpachos

  1. Watermelon and Garlic Gazpacho
  2. Creamy Cucumber Gazpacho


  1. Mozzarella and Melon Salad


  1. Grapefruit Mocktail

More recipes soon to come.

20 September, 2018


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