28 April 2020

My name is Ulla Rahn-Huber and I am the editor here at Affordable Mallorca.

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Ulla Rahn-Huber

The one thing that most people have never known about me is that I am, at heart, a lazy person. That’s one of the reasons why I am such a fan of thorough organization and keeping things as straight and tidy and orderly as possible – it saves time and work! And it frees my mind for the stuff I really like to do, e.g. being creative with words and letting my thoughts roam along paths beyond mainstream thinking.

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Ulla Rahn-Huber

I love Mallorca because… I simply love it. I feel at home here, I love the people, locals and expats alike; I love the internationality of our community, the mix of many languages and ideas and worldviews. I love the climate, the way the island changes with the seasons, the lushness of its winters and the relaxed and lazy summers. Plus, I fell in love with my little Andratx finca at first sight. In over thirty years, I have dug my roots deep into the soil of my garden. When I’m not on the island, I feel homesick and pine to get back.

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Ulla Rahn-Huber

My favorite drink, although I do love a good glass of wine when having dinner with friends, is plain and simple water, with gas, chilled and with a slice of cucumber or ginger or lime (or all three). Delicious!

My favorite food on the island is the wild asparagus I find on my walks in springtime, and the esclata sang mushrooms in autumn – fried in a bit of olive oil with some chopped garlic and a sprinkling of salt … it can’t get any better than that.

Hunting Wild Aspargus

My favorite thing to do on the island is hiking along the many coastal routes and enjoying the fabulous views – and then sit in a village café terrace and enjoy a pan amb oli or a slice of home-made almond cake with a café con leche.

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Ulla Rahn-Huber

I love what I do on behalf of the readers of Affordable Mallorca because I feel it is a way of giving back to the community at least a small share of all the gifts that I’ve received – to share what sometimes took me years to learn and understand. And I love it for giving me a platform to expand on my own philosophies and trains of thoughts – which writer (and I’m a writer at heart) wouldn’t? I thank our readers to bear with me.

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I believe Affordable Mallorca helps the island and the world by supplying insights and insider information about how it is to actually live here – in the real world that lies beyond the glossy façade of the island’s celeb and jet set image and the excesses of mass tourism. We have found a different kind of luxury here and want to share its secrets. It’s not about money! It’s about being connected, digging deep, experiencing with all senses, finding friendship and, sometimes, enjoying a simple (hence affordable) cup of coffee in a spectacular, luxury place.

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Anna Principato

My ultimate dream is to create a community where everybody has his or her own decent place to live in and a role worth playing; a community in which nobody (who wants to be part) is left behind and that respects the rules of sustainability and the dignity of all beings. In short: My ultimate dream is nothing less than paradise 😉.

28 April, 2020


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