28 April 2020

My name is Holly Veneman and I am Director of Client Solutions here at Affordable Mallorca.

Holly Veneman Director Client Solutions

Holly Veneman

The one thing that most people have never known about me is that I yearn for adventure and adrenaline. I love the outdoors, speed and risk, traveling (even backpacking by myself) and enjoy trying new things. This might be because as a child we moved a lot in Latin American countries, so there was always something new to explore. On the outside I look like your normal expat working Mom, but before this year is out, you will be seeing me paraglide. That is a promise.

Cave min

Holly Veneman

I love Mallorca because of the Mediterranean and the mountains. I miss the waves of my native California, but the calm of the sea here matches the rhythm of life. Having the mountains for hiking in winter is crucial for my well-being.

Wind min

Holly Veneman

My favorite drink on the island should be wine, the local handcrafted beer, artisan gin or hierbas… but I don't drink really!

My favorite thing to do on the island is hike. I live near the Castillo Bellver where I got married 20 years ago and I have explored every path there is there. I also hike the Sierra Tramuntana with family and friends. We often hike from one mountain refuge to another and sleep overnight.

Holly hiking min

Holly Veneman

My favorite food on the island is anything ethnic - and of course, my mother-in-law's Mallorquín family recipes. The most exciting special dish she makes is Caldereta - lobster soup. No one makes a better paella either. I love to be able to enjoy both of the cuisine worlds that are available here.

Caldereta lobster soup min

I love what I do on behalf of the readers of Affordable Mallorca because I support small local businesses through fresh marketing ideas. I am really proud of how our entire team gets excited to come up with creative action plans using content, company profiles, cool ad designs, interactive social media pushes and events for our clients. We help businesses to thrive that in turn offer the community local options.

Holly sunset min

Holly Veneman

I believe Affordable Mallorca helps the island and the world by just being true to our personality. We do not need to be slick, fancy or sell an image. Just sharing the authentic Mallorca is amazing enough - the sustainable nature, the cultural and gastronomic heritage and its community of people.

Holly scooter min

Holly Veneman

My ultimate dream is…right now. I have a safe place to raise my children, the sea and the mountains to explore, easy access to the mainland and other European countries. Also, I enjoy the balance between having both local and international friends and family. All this variety keeps me stimulated and satisfied, while not living a crazy hectic pace.

28 April, 2020


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