When is the best time of year to sell a house in Mallorca?

5 septiembre 2018

Want to sell your house? We have good news for you.

Every real estate market has special dynamics. In years past, Mallorca was a seasonal real estate market. In the meantime, however, what used to be a springtime affair has become four seasons. Changes in weather and the ability to work remotely have pushed the market toward year-round.

If you need to sell and you’re ready to do so you shouldn’t hold back, no matter what time of year.

Only in August, the market tends to be slow as most buyers prefer staying on the beach enjoying the sea breeze and cool water to house hunting in the sweltering sun. This isn’t all bad as you may create some extra income and have a property let, or maybe family and friends have asked for slots on your calendar.

When listing with an agent

You will receive more direct attention from your agent in late winter because the market is slower and they need to have new inventory at the beginning of the season.

5 septiembre, 2018


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