Mallorca's Successful Expats: Jean Yangüela

17 agosto 2020

"Giving encouragement to others is a most welcome gift, for the results of it are lifted spirits, increased self-worth, and a hopeful future." - Florence Littauer

Name Jean Ariel Yangüela
Nationality Dominican
Lives in Palma
Works in Palma
Profession OVB Allfinanz Financial Agent
Signature phrase Abundance can be found everywhere

May I Introduce…. #

Leaving behind the comfort of a privileged Caribbean family, the best education his country can offer and successful self-made business 17 years ago, Jean Yangüela has experienced the highs and lows of relocating and starting over in a new country. He now spends his boundless energy paving the way for island newcomers to adapt and settle in Mallorca seamlessly.

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On one of Palma's most emblematic avenues, Las Ramblas, Jean's live-work office is a European dream space with high ceilings, wooden floors, two wrought iron balconies overlooking leafy trees. The windows are open and the long meeting table is ideal for team projects - and our interview.

The floor to ceiling bookcase, white board and working graphs pasted on the wall are more than professional productivity tools. Everything he surrounds himself with is to propel his underlying passion: teaching.

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A Purposeful Island Life #

What does financial planning have to do with teaching?

Out of university I started my own successful business by organizing business English courses to the many multinationals in the Dominican Republic. By age 22, I had a bustling office with 24 teachers, 4 supervisors, a secretary and a messenger and came up with programs for the different sectors like “Business English for Banking.” The business grew exponentially for 5 years until I moved here when I was 27.

Now, with a company like OVB behind me which offers a huge range of possible providers and solutions, my goal is to teach everyone to begin their financial goal setting - it is never too early to start.

With such a successful business, so young, in my home country, I just assumed I would always be resourceful. Which I am. Nevertheless, circumstances change in life. Without learning how to avoid interest payments, implementing a savings tactic and seeking out proper insurance, I am worried that many (like me) will spend years having to recoup financially from unplanned events.

Jean Ariel photo Adele Chretien

Starting a Life in Mallorca #

What was your unplanned event?

Well, I met my Mallorquín wife at the height of my business success in the Dominican Republic. We got pregnant and my wife was yearning to return to Mallorca with our son. She gave me a year to wrap up my affairs and move to Mallorca - or risk being separated from my child. So, I packed my bags and made the move. I am very open and friendly, but trying to integrate with a culture, so different from my own, was very difficult.

I found a variety of jobs including Philip Morris as a Sales Promoter almost 2 years and for Thyssenkrupp as a sales Engineer for 5 years before ultimately finding my current role at OVB. The move to Mallorca was not necessarily a positive one for my career for many years. I was able to be a consistent part of my son's life, which was my top priority, but the marriage ended and I had to make my own way - without the reassuring stability of my ex-Mallorquin community. Financially, I soon came to realize that the move to Mallorca was not a lucrative one, which is ironic actually because many people have the stereotype that Latin America and the Caribbean are less prosperous than Europe. But given my upbringing and family position back home and being industrious by nature, I had to activate my “abundance” mentality and set it to work here.

Jean Ariel and son

Perceptions of the Island #

So you think Mallorca is a place of abundance?

There is no doubt that Mallorca is abundant. We have an abundance of nature, with the sea and the mountains. There are very wealthy people on the island that spend their hard earned financial affluence here. There is an abundance of different nationalities. I have spent extended periods in New York, so when I say that Mallorca is cosmopolitan, I have a valid reference point.

Now, I myself feel abundant. I have my son and I teach financial stability to others with OVB as a foundation and have other synergetic projects that also help me fulfill my purpose. The only thing I am lacking now is sleep because I have so much going on!

With regard to growing my client's financial abundance it is important for me to work with a trustworthy company. OVB is in 15 European countries. I speak to people about their financial situation in general or so that they can complete a specific goal such as: buying a home, pension planning, saving for university or being properly insured. My job is to select the appropriate products from 1000s of options OVB Allfinanz España has negotiated from numerous companies that best suit. My job is also very private because people's finances are serious business- the point is to give personalised service. I look at what clients already have contracted, what they may be missing and make sure they are not over paying for their needs. The first step is a meeting to do a financial assessment, which is free.

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Jean's Further Projects and Initiatives on Mallorca #

I met you through the Mallorca Expats Facebook community, which I know you are the admin of….

Affordable Mallorca and Mallorca Expats decided to work together on projects because we both have a similar goal - to help international people that want to move to the island. Collaborating with other teams like Affordable Mallorca that have similar ideas makes sense now more than ever. This is the way forward for our community - working together.

During Covid19, I was really able to see the service a Facebook page offers our members. I worked tirelessly during the confinement to provide up-to-date real information in English about the status. There were very scared, lonely people living in Mallorca who needed support during isolation. Mallorca Expats is a caring, reliable and informative community.

We are currently launching our professional networking group and a relocation team of experts, so newcomers have a one stop meeting with vetted providers like an accountant, lawyer, architect, logistics - even an emotional therapist. For newcomers with small businesses we have digital marketing support and Affordable Mallorca marketing packages.

Advice for Making a Cross-BorderBy Lifestyle Decision #

What would you want people thinking about moving to Mallorca?

Learn from those who have come before you and gather as much information as you can on the internet and speak to people. However, please take professional advice on the important things! Also, learning Spanish is always the first step and this can be a fun process. Through the Facebook community we have a Language Tuesday where we meet to start life on Mallorca on the right foot.

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Personal Interview

17 agosto, 2020


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