The Affordable Community

16 junio 2019

Quality of life actually begins at home - it's in your street, around your community. Charles Kennedy

Affordable Mallorca was created to connect the expats, full and part-time residents, to native born Mallorquins. Both communities have much to offer but all too often are separated by language, geography and wealth. The reality is that village life is immensely rewarding, especially when you know about the people and businesses that make a place livable.

The team members of Affordable Mallorca have lived and worked on the island for many decades. Our families, friends and neighbors are connected to each other through work, volunteer efforts for non-profits, our spiritual communities and sports. We share a common place and unite on shared values.


Through our magazine, we offer you a glimpse of life on the island life. Where we eat, shop, service providers and more, all show you how you can live on the island for a reasonable cost. We also show you arts and culture through our sponsorship of PechaKuchaPalma, our Events Calendar and other articles that provide details about living with over people from 128+ countries on one small island.

Pecha Kucha Team

I invite you to join us on Facebook, on Instagram, Twitter and on LinkedIn. Share your positive suggestions with us. Together, we can enjoy all that Mallorca has to offer for a great life.

16 junio, 2019

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