Snow In Mallorca - Paradise Coated in a fine layer of Winter Dust

3 marzo 2024

The truth is, every year there is snow in Mallorca but it’s always at height in the mountains. You can certainly get in a car and go see the snow. On clear days you might even catch a glimpse of Mallorca's highest summits powdered as with icing sugar from the valleys far below. A sight to behold, especially when the sun is up!

To experience snow on the lower ground, however, is indeed a rare thing, although every year you get this zing of excited expectation in the air as the temperature drops and the cumulonimbus piles on itself high up in the sky. Then everyone starts recounting their tales of the famous Mallorcan ‘nevada’ (snowfall) of February 2012 where the miracle of miracles happened, and real snow fell upon Mallorca - not just an ephemeral fine dusting and not on higher ground or in the mountain villages only. It was sea-level, real, proper snow that kept falling for days. Here’s a collection of some memories and photos from people who were here when it happened.

Snow in La Vileta #

"For most Mallorquins, snow seems like something very far away, but that year it dressed everything in white. We live in La Vileta close to the golf course. It was not fenced, so the children, and not so children, climbed the mounds and launched themselves on improvised sledges. Everyone threw snowballs, and walked to enjoy that beautiful scene." "The mountain that surrounds Son Puig was all snowy, with the trees full of snow that little by little were unloading on the people who passed below. An incredible postcard, I wish it would happen every year."

- Javier Maura

Snow in Serra Tramuntana

Snowy mountains are also often El Tomir, El Massanella y El Teix

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Valldemossa Snow Roof Top

A Miracle Landscape #

"My first year in Mallorca was the first time it snowed at sea level in 50 years. People were really excited and driving around like maniacs as they had no idea how to drive in the snow. They still took their children to school which was really interesting to me because we don’t go to school or do anything if it snows even a little bit in North Carolina, and there it snows every year! I’m used to snow but I wasn’t expecting it in Mallorca. It was so beautiful"

- Sara Fenwick

Am I Dreaming? #

"It was on my birthday, 5th February, and when I opened the shutters I rubbed my eyes thinking there was something wrong with them because everything was white! Everything! It was about twenty-five centimetres of snow. I walked down to the house, because at that time we lived in a little extension as the main house was being built, and the construction workers took out big brooms to sweep free the path so that I could walk through like a lady! :)"

- Ulla Seeberg

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Out of the Blue #

"I was staying at my granny’s doing my usual Saturday morning routine: bottomless cups of tea and my nose in a good book. I remember my granny telling me to go and look outside, and me being a lazy teenager at the time, groaning and dragging myself to the balcony to the sight of Port Cala Nova covered in snow! It was totally surreal as the view is usually a blue sky, boats and the sea. It didn’t stick around for long and I’ve never known it to snow again (apart from in the mountains) but it’s definitely one of my favourite memories of Mallorca."

- Shannagh Calverley-Musmari


A Snowball Fight in the Parc del Mar #

"I was here when it snowed like mad in Palma. I was 14, still going to school, and we missed class with some school friends and just went and played in the snow. Unfortunately for us because we were in Old Town Palma right next to the sea it didn’t really last that long, but we did have a massive snowball fight in Parc de la Mar! The traffic was a mess as well, I remember lots of cars beeping. It can get crazy when it rains so imagine with the snow!"

- Juan David Ayora Nevarro

Dancing in the Snow #

"I used to work as an entertainer in a hotel in Magaluf and one of the things we used to do in summer was to decorate the terrace with palmeras and carribean things, dress as salsa dancers and have a fiesta Latina. In winter the hotel was closed, of course. I was living in Cala Vinyes when we woke up one morning and saw the snow! For some reason the first thing we thought to do was to go up to the hotel … The deserted terrace was covered in snow. We started dancing and pretending we were in the fiesta latina but instead of salsa clothes, we were wearing our big coats, scarves, gloves and winter hats and everything! It was surreal and really funny!"

- Carla Cuevas


Snowmen at Four in the Morning #

"I remember being at my friends' house. We were all drinking and it was around four in the morning and I remember looking out the window and being like, ‘what is going on outside?!’ All the roofs of the apartment blocks were white and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was going on. And I went, ‘hey guys something weird is happening outside!’ We all went to the window and they were like - it’s SNOW! We all got mega dressed in hats and scarves and big coats and went to the park in front of the pool in Andratx and we were going down the slide in the snow and making snowmen at four in the morning. It was epic!"

- Erica Garbutt

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3 marzo, 2024


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