Road Trip to Mallorca's Hidden Bodegas

24 julio 2021

You never know what you might discover round the next twist in the single track road.

We love an interesting road trip that delves into parts of the island that we’ve never properly explored before. Quite often, we are taken along these different roads because we are looking for a winery that we have yet to visit or a cheese producer (our second passion) that is tucked away in the hillside with little or no advertising to announce that he is there. These discoveries ignite our enthusiasm for the island and remind us that there is so much more to unearth here. Here are just a few examples of Mallorca's hidden gems.

Son Sureda Ric #

Recently, one such road trip took us to the outskirts of Manacor, where we visited an ancient Bodega called Son Sureda Ric. We knew of this winery from our days of running the wine bar but we wanted to return and introduce the winery to some fellow wine loving friends.

Son Sureda Ric is a historic farmstead that is organically certified. The owner, Javier Jara, has very strict and high standards so if the grapes don’t measure up he will not produce wine that particular year. Son Sureda Ric is possibly one of the smallest vineyards on the island (with just 3 hectares) and the production focuses on high quality red wines. In the cellar Javier will show you rows of bottled red wines from 2006. These wines didn’t make the grade so Javier wasn’t willing to sell them. Instead they line an entire wall of the cellar, purely for decorative purposes.

To learn more about Son Sureda Ric

Son Puig #

Son Puig is another great example of a bodega with plenty of history to it. This particular family winery is located at the foothills of the Tramuntana mountain range. The estate positively oozes history and quirky features. The characterful family house is used as the winery nowadays and their wines are amongst the most refined on the island. Incidentally, at Son Puig you can also purchase some of the best cherries on the island!

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Entrance pergola son puig

Son Vich de Superna #

If you are keen to visit two wineries in one day, combining a visit to Son Puig and a visit to Son Vich de Superna would work well together. Son Vich is nestled within the Superna Valley (hence the name) in a beautiful setting, between the mountain towns of Esporles and Puigpunyent. Interestingly, Son Vich is the only winery in Mallorca that is registered in CERVIM: Centre for Research, Study, Safeguarding, Coordination and Valorisation of Mountain Viticulture. Their characterful wines have added value because they are produced within the geographical location of the ierra de Traumuntana. There are only four areas of wine production in the world that are catalogued by UNESCO as World Heritage.

To learn more about Son Vich de Superna and see their offerings

Son Vich de Superna

Can Axartell #

On another road trip, we took a detour whilst driving back to Palma from Formentor. Ivan had been enthusing about a particular road in the Axartell Valley, that we have now nicknamed ‘The Hidden Valley’. This road begins at Camí Vell de Pollença and continues in the direction of Campanet. It is worth the drive for the stunning, lush scenery but if you can, plan ahead and make an appointment to visit Can Axartell.

Can Axartell is a unique estate that harmoniously blends in with the surrounding landscape. The bodega itself is quite literally integrated into a shuttered quarry and it is one of the most modern and innovative estates in Mallorca. Can Axartell is an energy efficient winery with an infrastructure for processing the grapes as gently as possible in orderBy to preserve all of the aromas. They produce everyday wines, food friendly wines and special edition wines to suit various tastes and budgets.

To see gorgeous photos of the architecture and learn more about their offerings

Binimaimó #

In the same area as Can Axartell, there is also a relatively new winery called Binimaimó.

This winery is one of the few Demeter Biodynamic certified wineries in Mallorca. Wine enthusiasts will soon be able to take a tour of the estate but for now you can sample some of their organic wines. Binimaimó is one to keep an eye on in the future as some of their wines have already been given high praise and won awards.

For more on Binimaimó

Son Crespí #

Last but by no means least, we want to introduce you to a small and charming winery called Microceller Son Crespí, located on the road between Santa María and Sencelles. Their vineyards surround an ancient Mallorcan finca. The 6,000 bottles of white, rosé and red wine they produce are unique because they only use indigenous grapes from the island, such as Mantonegro and Prensal.

You can connect with Son Crespí on their Facebook page

Son Crespí

There Is More to Explore #

These wineries are just a few examples of the hidden gems dotted throughout the island. It is very easy to take the ‘wine train’ or head to the more renowned bodegas on the island but we also recommend going off the beaten track every once in a while…you never know what you might discover round the next twist in the single track road.

Lara and Ivan of Wine Industry #

Not only are we passionate about wine but we are also curious, curious to discover independent winemakers with an interesting story to tell and curious to try wines that are a little more unique (either in the way they have been produced or because of the choice of grapes used).

Our passion and curiosity is something we want to share with you too. We now have an online shop so that we can sell and deliver our carefully chosen wine collection to your door, whether you are a business on the island or a wine enthusiast keen to discover and try something new.

We also offer a variety of wine tasting experiences that can be held in your home, giving you the added opportunity to 'try before you buy'. Due to our network of connections on the island we are also able to organise and plan winery visits to various bodegas dotted around the island. We literally 'bring wine to you' in whatever format suits your needs!

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24 julio, 2021


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