Remarkable Women of Mallorca 2020

7 marzo 2020

Let your girls become something. Let them follow their dreams. Don’t let their dreams get buried in their hearts.” Zarmina

Introduction #

Affordable Mallorca is owned, managed and operated by women. Our team is strong, diverse and inclusive. We share our passions, accomplishments, advice on how to manage the challenges of being independent businesswomen, wives, mothers and grandmothers. And, most importantly, we are all working toward the same goal - - contributing our voices, our passions, our talents to building strong communities here on the island.

Join us for our selection of The Remarkable Women of Mallorca 2020. While we can’t profile everyone with whom we’ve worked over the past year, let us introduce you to several women who have been warm, welcoming and generous of their time.

Without further adieu, let's introduce you to our friends and colleagues who live in Palma, Andratx, Santa María del Camí and Deia.

Rosalinda Much, Producer #

More than anything, I love to co-create new projects by working as part of a team. Exploring Palma’s Creativity allowed us to discover and bring together some amazing talent from the indigenous and international communities of the city. - Rosalinda Much

Rosalinda Much at PKN

Creative Arts #

Rosalinda Much - Producer, Pecha Kucha Palma de Mallorca V1

Catalina Florit, Actress #

We've never met any Mallorca-born lady who gave so freely of her time and energy to us - perfect strangers. All the while, she had other events, rehearsals and performances to manage but Catalina showed up and helped us. For this, we greatly admire and respect her. - Affordable Mallorca

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Catalina Florit, Actress #

Catalina, named Best Actress of the Balearic Islands 2019 generously contributed her time and support to PechaKucha Palma de Mallorca, V1 by introductions to other creative artists in Palma. She shared her passion for method acting that comes from a deep source within her.

She trained at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and in Berlin with the company Theatre Fragile, the theatre and architecture company, No Fourth Wall, as well as the English Theatre, Berlin.

Catalina lives on airplanes between Barcelona and Mallorca where she has worked as an actress with directors such as Andrés Lima, Paco Azorín, Carlota Subirós, Oriol Broggi, Nies Jaume, Pep Tosar, Rafel Duran, Ferran Utzet, Jordi Oriol, Josep Maria Miró, Victoria Szpunberg, Pau Carrió and Jaime Pujol as well as establishing a creative partnership with Joan Miquel Artigues and Toni Gomila, through Produccions de Ferro.

On television, she has appeared in the TV3 miniseries “Barcelona Ciutat Neutral” and “Sudoku”. Currently she appears as a permanent character in the first two seasons of IB3TV’s “Amor de Cans”.

She was directed by Jules Williamson in the British film “Off the Rails”.

Catalina is researching and exploring new forms of dramaturgy for which she founded the company Aflel Teatre with Jaume Madaula. She wrote the plays “Monstres”, “Bar Nebraska”, “Dones de palla”, and “Homenatge”, the last three of which have been published. With the street artist Joan Aguiló she created the urban art project “Herois anònims”.

She is the director of both “Dones de palla” and “Homenatge” which won an award at Barcelona’s Píndoles Festival. She has coordinated five editions of “Al cel mos vegem tots plegats”, an initiative at Barcelona’s Teatre Maldà which is based on the reforming of the Mallorcan Rondalles.

For more, click here for more on Catalina's Bio. To see Catalina's presentation at PechaKucha, click here>>

Serafine Klarwein, A Franco-American Filmmaker, Artist and Creative Activist #

Palma is a human-sized city, meaning you can walk from one side to the other in less than an hour, probably meet some people you know on the way, so you can live connected. There is a great mix of old humours, fresh eccentricities, relaxed creative café atmospheres and cultural hubbubing. Beautifully situated between sea and mountains, it is a port at the crossroads of a wide spectrum of European and North African influences. - Serafine Klarwein

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Serafine Klarwein, A Franco-American Filmmaker, Artist and Creative Activist #

Serafine Klarwein was born at home in New Mexico, USA and raised between electric New York City and Deia, a wild bohemian mountain village on the island of Mallorca.

She has a BA in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA and an MFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts.

In Paris, Serafine worked in SFX for the movie studio Ex-Machina and toured Europe as a VJ, most notably with Jon Hassell and Irwin’s Conspiracy. In 2018, Serafine unveiled her film FishFire which she wrote and directed.

For the last eighteen years she has lived in Spain, editing, teaching multimedia and feeling her way around raising her son and her own awareness.

Serafine also teaches movement medicine and dances her way along through Life, a habit that began when her father would blast the family with world music to get them to boogie along before dinner. In 2007, she was certified in 5Rhythms, exploring the maps and pathways, sharing, learning and teaching experience on the sacred maps of the soul.

Since 1998, she has been working on a movie made in Mallorca with a cast and crew of more than one hundred and fifty people. Using 8mm, 16mm, video and photography, it is a life project to document the transformation of a community.

As a writer and publisher, Serafine has written and edited several children´s books and produced a set of visionary art cards for the artist Mati Klarwein in collaboration with transformational psychologist Annie Lewkowicz.

For the past eighteen years, Serafine has been working on a book about inherited versus earned magic. She is also currently editing and publishing a monograph on the world of artist Mariana Alzamora.

A citizen of the world, Serafine found it her duty to become involved in the global conversation by creating a website on creative activism,

On Palma, Serafine comments, “Palma is a human-sized city, meaning you can walk from one side to the other in less than an hour, probably meet some people you know on the way, so you can live connected. There is a great mix of old humours, fresh eccentricities, relaxed creative café atmospheres and cultural hubbubing. Beautifully situated between sea and mountains, it is a port at the crossroads of a wide spectrum of European and North African influences.”

Clémence Dumont, A French Jeweler and Artist #

We all felt as if an angel was in our midst. Her reserved style and gentle voice, coupled with her natural beauty, remind us that angels really do walk among us. What struck us most about Clémence is that Kismet seems to surround her. - The Affordable Mallorca Team

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Clémence Dumont, A French Jeweler and Artist #

As Clémence was introduced to us, we all felt as if an angel was in our midst. Her reserved style and gentle voice coupled with her natural beauty, remind us that angels really do walk among us. What struck us most about Clémence is kismet seems to surround her.

We'll let her tell you in her own words:

"I was a florist in Paris, working for a hotel and for events. This new chapter, a special moment in my life has propelled me to the marvelous island of Mallorca.

But what of this beautiful present? I began by walking on the beaches and in the mountains. I felt both great joy, and at the same time, fear and also confidence…. so many questions about my future. What was I to become?

I looked for a guide to accompany me on this invisible quest. I was very lucky to meet such people in Alaró. It was not a coincidence. The twin mountains have so much to teach us.

Meditation? I did not know it, nor was I fully conscious. But my powerful intentions meant that everything arrived in just a moment!

I met many healers, attended courses on quantum resonance and many magical changes came to be.
It’s difficult to understand, but it was real!

Working in Nature, I took pieces of wood from the seaside and the mountains to make suspended totems, aerial sculptures.

I put a lot of intention into these sculptures to give me harmony, protection and peace at home.

Then I began to create nomad jewelry, using semi-precious stones and Lithotherapy.

They are The Guardians of the body and the soul that I have named the Sowilove…these are the magical necklaces that I make.

Follow Clémence on Instagram

Vegan and raw event

Beverley Pugh, Health and Wellness Leader #

Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates

Beverley pugh

On an island that is more known for Booze Tourism and Luxury Estates, where Love Island has sold a false narrative and where many people get caught in a spiral of unhealthy behaviors while seeking a release from the cares of the industrialized world, Beverley Puge has been a source of wellness for many of us.

Beverley has lived in Mallorca for 55 years. She is a renowned & recognized therapist . She is one of the two Reflexologists who pioneered the movement. This, in and of itself, makes her a treasure here. If that isn't enough, in her continuing quest for learning more, Beverley was one of the few pioneers in Reiki in Mallorca in the early 1990s, initiating hundreds of students in Spain.

And, if all that isn't enough, Beverley has trained, traveled and organized with the “mother” and “father” of rebirthing breath work. So, she is well qualified to give high quality individual treatments.

Beverly founded the Bodhana Wellness Center and initiated the first ever massage centers on the beach and in hotel gardens in Mallorca, Ibiza & Menorca. She is an International Hippocrates Health Educator, Ambassador and Consultant, Raw Food Chef & Instructor, Author of the book La Comida Con Vida in Spanish, Raw Food in German, Pioneer in Spain with the Raw Vegan Food movement and owner of the first ever nine raw food products on the Spanish Market. She is the owner and founder of Vegan & Raw Organic Food FarmAcy Restaurant by Beverley in Mallorca.

Check our magazine’s event’s section for announcements on her events and activities.

For more, visit her restaurant at C/Plaça del Bisbe Ramón Berenguer Palou n° 2, Palma De Mallorca, Spain 07003 and check out Facebook Vegan and Raw.

Nina Krones Franzen – Business #

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Director, Caixa Bank

At Affordable Mallorca we are often impressed by the international working women who not only raise families on the island – often as single mothers, but those who excel professionally. One such woman came across our radar recently as we looked for a new business bank account and some personal financial solutions.

Nina Kronen, is a wealth of information about the banking conditions on the island for international residents. Nina went beyond representing CaixaBank when we met her. As a member of the team that spearheaded adapting the bank´s products to service clients in their native language in the Balearics with the launch of HolaBank in 2015, Nina clearly explains to us the overall mortgage market situation and options, the products (some are free) and, most importantly, how the bank goes above and beyond banking.

HolaBank can help with relocation and they have HolaBank Club services that are very handy. We also were pleased to know that the fees that we do have to pay support one of Europe´s largest social equality not-for-profit foundation with 545M€ in 2019. Kudos to Nina and our gratitude for her work toward supporting communities on Mallorca.

Honorable Mention: Ulla Seeburg, Our Editor #

Dedication, generosity and commitment to our mission, Ulla simply makes our world turn. - The Affordable Mallorca Team


Ulla is a professional multilingual translator and interpreter and the writer of more than 20 non-fiction books on psychological topics as well as health and well-being inspired by her second career in psychological and health counseling. She fell in love with Mallorca more than 30 years ago when she first came to the island at the invitation of a Mallorcan couple she had met in her native Germany. On her Andratx finca where we have an occasional retreat from our offices in Palma, she and her husband created their own little Mediterranean nature reserve and paradise. This is the ideal place for her outdoor office where, in the company of her cats and other beings of the garden, she writes and edits and manages the team of writers for the Magazine by Affordable Mallorca.

She and her husband show us how to celebrate the seasons with videos made to inspire and stimulate our love of this beautiful island. You can watch her video on aloe, see photos of her family's paella party, watch her husband make a "Mallorcan Christmas Tree" to wish us all Happy Holidays.

Ulla's family is the most ideal of expats. They came, struggled through issues with deeds and other legalities only to have one of the most marvelous and affordable (at the time, before prices skyrocketed) fincas on the island. Ulla's heart and mind are strong and she is willing to share what she's learned over the years in making a fantastic life. We are all better for her presence in our world.

Adele at PKN 2019

And Still I Rise

A reading by the poet, Maya Angelou, from her third volume of poetry, And Still I Rise

Click here to listen to Ms. Angelou to discuss and read her signature poem
Maya Angelou

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7 marzo, 2020


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