Get your Powerboat Level 2 License in a Weekend

4 julio 2020

"Best! Day! Ever!" – My daughter at the end of Day 1 training

Summer is just around the corner and thoughts are beginning to turn to beach, sun and sea. For those so inclined, part of the fun of the season is getting off the shore and onto the water. There are few things that make one feel freer than being out on the open sea, wind in your hair. And whilst that’s great fun, wouldn’t it be even MORE fun if you were able to drive the boat yourself? Well here’s how you do it… and in just one weekend!

Powerboat 3

Day 1 #


Day 2 #

Powerboat 4

We then practice more man overboard drills, some reverse driving, and how to get into and out of narrow channels. After this full morning, we take a break then get started on theory.

Looking Back #

Special Note for Our German Readers #

From a reader, we received a comment on this article which might be useful for German citizens, so we decided to post it here (without translation into English as it applies to Germans only):

"Super helpful but there are many Germans on the island as well, like me, and for us there is the possibility to obtain the so-called 'SBF license' (SBF-Schein) valid for all boats which you can get on Mallorca. What is so great is that if you book your course at On Water as I have done you can be sure to pass the test (I got my own license only two weeks ago!) There is only one thing nobody tells you – that once you have your license and take out a really good boat for the first time you catch the boat virus and there is no cure for it no matter how good your health insurance is. Have fun. Affordable Mallorca is doing a great job. This is just an extra bit of information about my experience as a German. All the best, H."

And here is what he writes in the original German:

"Super hilfreich aber es gibt auch viele Deutsche hier so wie mich und für uns gibt's den SBF-Schein den man hier inkl. Prüfung auf Mallorca machen kann und der Schein ist ohne Begrenzung - Alle Boote. Das Beste ist, wenn er, so wie ich, bei On Water gemacht wird, schafft man die Prüfung (bestes Beispiel ich selber vor 2 Wochen). Nur eins sagen einem alle nicht: wenn man den Schein hat und dann das erste Mal mit einem richtig tollen Boot losmacht dann bekommt man den Bootsvirus und leider hilft da auch keine private Krankenkasse. Habt Spass. Affordable macht 'ne super Arbeit, ich ergänze gerade nur meine Erfahrung als Deutscher auf Mallorca. Lg. H. “


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4 julio, 2020


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