COVID-19 Stay Sane at Home in Mallorca

11 enero 2021

“Never keep yourself alone. Keep talking to yourself. And you'll start feeling better.” -Prerak Trivedi

Per the government’s orderBys for a total lockdown effective 14 March, 2020, with non-essential businesses closed and people allowed out only for food, medical supplies, essential work and emergencies, many are wondering how they will occupy their time at home. Further, authorities recently announced that the lock-down will likely extend beyond the original 15-day period. What to do? Here’s our best crack to helping you navigate enforced home time.

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Self-Care #

Uncertain times call for nourishment and compassion towards yourself. We all have different preferences for self-care, whether that’s exercise, journaling, taking a bath, alone-time, praying, cooking a nourishing meal, or sitting still for a moment. If self-care is not in your normal routine, use this home-time as an opportunity to experiment with what feels good to you. However you do it, self-care can translate into resilience, health, and emotional well-being – all things vital to navigating COVID-19.

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Take Action: While many aspects of COVID-19 feel beyond our control, you can still take action – offer a listening ear, support local businesses, grow your garden – do whatever is in your control to help yourself, family, community, and beyond, for that matter. The act of action propels us outside of our thinking mind into the present moment. Take heed and take action!

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“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Online Activities in Healthy Doses #

There is already a wealth of free, online activities, however; due to COVID-19, businesses are offering access to things not usually available.

  • Magazines: Hearst Spain is offering free access through April 1 for all its publications on the Kiosk platform and more.
  • Music: from 16 March to 27 March, a tumblr account has worked with musicians to put on a live-stream “Quarantine Music Festival”. The public will be able to connect through the artists' YouTube channels or see them all here. Additionally, check out your favourite artists’ Instagram profiles – many are posting 30-minute online music performances.
  • Theatre: Check out online theatre here [[LINK DOUBLE CHECK BECAUSE IT WAS DOWN BEFORE]]
  • Books: Some authors have uploaded their books / comics for free, such as El Torres and authors of El Bosque. Check out their twitter here [[link]] and here [[link]].
  • Movies: Moviestar lite [[LINK]] will be free for a month. Or if, you are a library member, you have access to the efilm catalogue [[LINK]], a Netflix library. Each community has its own catalogue:
  • ... games: Runehead (Italian video game company) has uploaded [[LINK]] free key for its games. Perrolokogames published its Dirty Fridge board game in PDF format for anyone who wants to play.
  • Yoga: Yoga with Adriene is a free youtube channel [[link]] with a variety of classes for beginners to experienced practitioners.
  • Virtual Museum Tours: The Meadow museum [[link]], the Queen Sofia [[link]] and the Thyssen [[link]] and many other museums offer audiovisual content and explanation of pictures through their websites.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are typically free and readily available online or from your phone.
  • Mallorca: Read everything you always wanted to know about the island in our Affordable Mallorca Magazine[[LINK TO MAGAZINE HOMEPAGE]]. We offer more than 420 articles written by insiders living on the Mallorca – for people like you and me.
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The Spiritual Side #

Before we send you off to try the world of online and offline COVID-19 activities, we would be remiss if we did not mention the spiritual side of things. Self-care, productivity and community time are key ingredients, but here at Affordable Mallorca, we encourage you to go one step further and connect with your spiritual side. Pray, meditate, sit in silence. Read religious materials or spiritual books and articles. Do whatever you need to do to find your spiritual path. We wish you deep blessings, health and happiness on this journey.

When All Else Fails #

When you have exhausted your plans for entertaining yourself, try just one more - do a thorough cleaning. Closets, catboxes, cabinets, toilets and more, go through and discard the old and unused items. Give them to those in need. These times are calling for us to help others. Many have limited financial resources. This is an excellent time to give-a-way what you don't want or need.

If you look around on Facebook, you'll definitely find people who need food, clothing and toys for children. Try looking at Openmind Mallorca. This a group of 850+ members who live on the island and have a strong desire to help others and be helped. If you need help emotional or to meet your physical needs like paying your electric bill, reach out. If you can help others with emotional support, offer your time.

When we find a little something to be grateful for and can share it with others, that keeps our hearts and minds strong. We will get through this time, together.

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11 enero, 2021

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