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8 noviembre 2020

Publisher's Note: 6Points is a cycling group that supports local charities. In orderBy to continue to host rides in the time of #COVID19, the 6Points Team have created a solid plan they shared with us to help others have guidelines to stay safe so that we can all return to the enjoy each other's companionship. Please feel free to share this article in hopes of helping all of us reduce risks.

When we started planning 6Points 2020 back in 2019, we could never imagine how the world would change. With Covid-19 impactIng every one of us, and continuing to be a presence, at 6Points we have taken the health and safety of all our riders, support crew, helpers and supporters extremely seriously and it has been at the forefront of the planning for this year’s Senses 6Points Challenge in Mallorca. - Founder, Bryan Visser

The following sets out guidelines and an action plan that will be in place during the Senses 6Points Mallorca 2020 event to miAgate the risk of Covid-19. The aim is, through joint responsibility, to ensure the health and safety of all participants in the event, including riders, organisers, helpers and supporters.

However, it is acknowledged, given the nature of the disease, that the risks of a participant bringing in, contracting, or passing on Covid-19 during the weekend cannot be eradicated. Our aim is to collectively reduce the risk as far as practicable and set up a regime that monitors the general health of each participant with the view of identifying anyone that may be showing symptoms as early as possible, and take further action as appropriate.

Each Of Us Is Responsible #

Each participant will therefore acknowledge that s/he is involved in the event at their own risk, takes responsibility for their own actions to reduce their risk of exposure to Covid-19 and acknowledges that s/he has responsibility for others and sign a declaration to confirm this.

We will also strictly abide by the current local government regulations set out at the Ame.

We must state that if any person involved with the event repeatedly breaches the 6Points Covid-19 Plan or the government regulations, they may be requested to terminate the ride and leave the event.

Secure Bubbles and Sub-Bubbles #

We will aim to create a 6Points Covid-secure bubble from the start of the event. There will also be sub-bubbles for each Rider Group (maximum of 8 riders plus the support car crew of up to 2). Outside contact between participants shall be minimised; once riders are in the bubble, the aim will be that they do not come into contact with anyone outside the bubble for the duration of the event.

The rules of the bubbles are:

  • Riders should stay in their Rider Group sub-bubble, on the road, at coffee stops, dinners, etc.
  • Riders should bring all the food and supplies they need for the whole weekend, so they do not have to visit shops (water bottles should be refilled at the hotel and at coffee and lunch stops. In addition, support cars will carry extra water).
  • Supporters will also have to be part of the secure bubble; we should discourage participants from bringing members of family or friends as supporters if they cannot adhere to these rules.
  • Hotel and restaurant staff have been asked to limit contact with participants.

We are limiting the number of coffee and lunch stops during the rides to reduce the risk of outside contact as far as possible. This means that we will only stop at designated restaurants where we know outside contact will be limited as far as possible.

S Albufera 6 Points

Hand Washing #

We encourage all participants to maintain an effective and strict hand washing policy - wash hands with soap and water regularly for at least 20 seconds; and particularly after any interaction with anyone outside your bubble.

Hand Sanitizing #

Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at the sign-on points, finish lines, and on entry and exit to dinners/events. Use of these stations is mandatory. Riders will also be provided with a bottle of hand gel in their event bags. Please use this regularly.

Mask Wearing #

The wearing of face masks will be mandatory during the event, except for the period where the riders are actually riding (you may remove your mask 10 seconds before you are due to start and need to put it back on directly after finishing or during stops), or during meal breaks when you are eating/drinking. We will provide one cloth mask to all event participants (riders, organisers, helpers, etc.).

Wearing Masks 6 Points

Disinfecting Bikes and Equipment #

We will provide wipes to enable riders to disinfect their bikes and equipment before and after riding (i.e. when picking up bikes and before storage of bikes in hotels). Riders will be responsible for their own bikes.

6 Point Cap Formentor

Luggage Transport #

We will provide plastic bags for riders to place their bags in before placing into the luggage van. Riders will be asked to sanitize their hands before handling their suitcase and the plastic bag and they will need to place the luggage in the van themselves.

Monitoring Measures #

Declarations of Health Participants will declare (by signing a 6Points declaration form) that they are symptom free and to their knowledge have not been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms of Covid-19, or the disease, in the previous 14 days. These declarations are to be made and signed by each participant at the Thursday evening Briefing Dinner, and the daily sign-on process will constitute additional declarations that participants are symptom-free.

Temperature Testing We will take the temperature of every event participant using hand-held thermometers (riders, organisers, helpers, etc.) at the start of every day and on entry to every place of congregation (hotel check-in, restaurants, cafes, etc). This check will be undertaken as part of the daily sign-in procedure and recorded by the sign-in attendant.

The highest acceptable skin surface temperature will be 37.3°C. If a temperature above this threshold is exceeded, the person shall immediately put on a mask and move to a location which ensures a sufficient distance from others. It is noted that skin surface temperature may be temporarily elevated for many reasons (including physical activity, wearing a helmet, etc), so a further test after ten minutes will be undertaken. If this second test is sAll above the threshold, then the Actions in the Event of a Participant Showing Symptoms (below) will be commenced.

Track and Trace Spain has adopted the “Radar Covid” app as the official Track and Trace app. All riders are asked to download it from the app store and to monitor its output.

Actions in the Event of Participant Showing Symptoms #

In the event a participant shows symptoms of Covid-19, and/or whose temperature exceeds the limit set out in the testing regime above, we will need to take appropriate action. As a reminder, the symptoms include:

• a new, continuous cough

• a high temperature

• a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell

The participant should be removed from the event immediately (and therefore from the secure bubble), ensuring they put on a mask and maintain an extended distance from other people. Further action will need to be taken based on current local government regulations, but essentially this could mean the requirement to undertake a Covid-19 test and to self-isolate for 14 days.

In the event that a rider has symptoms of Covid-19 or has a high temperature, the rider should phone the ib-Salut Covid-19 hotline and comply with the requirements provided.

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Watch out for disobedient goats! You never know where they will show up. These protected animals make life much more interesting on Mallorca.

Post-event Monitoring #

Due to the nature of the disease and the potential for a delayed onset of symptoms, all participants will need to continue monitoring their own health after Senses 6Points has finished. Should a participant start to show symptoms within the following 14-days (based on guidelines), or have a positive Covid-19 test result, 6Points management must be informed. Subsequently, all participants will be contacted and requested to self-isolate in line with current regulations.

We take the health and safety of all our riders, support crew and supporters very seriously and expect all participants to accept and follow these rules and guidelines to ensure the health, safety – and enjoyment – of all.

Happy, safe, healthy riding!

Senses 6Points 2020

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